Top 10 things to do in Buenos Aires – budget friendly & fun! (Buenos Aires Guide)

Top 10 things to do in Buenos Aires – budget friendly & fun! (Buenos Aires Guide)

Welcome to Buenos Aires,
the capital of Argentina. Today I show you the 10 most popular
things to do in Buenos Aires! Join one of the numerous free walking tours to get an overview
about the history and the culture of buenos aires and see some of the main
sites in the city center Recoleta is one of the most beautiful and exclusive neighborhoods of Buenos Aires…and there is a free tour here as well! Don’t miss out to visit also the very impressive cemetery! We are running street art tours for about a year now. We did a lot of investigation about
the different areas where artists paint. During that time we got to know a lot of the artists – the idea was to share their stories introduce you to their artworks and tell you more about them. A very important part of argentine culture
is…ice cream! I got this ice cream for 25 pesos and it’s really tasty! Tramontana …y chocolate suiza! Buenos Aires started to be a very bike-friendly city! The station behind me is the evidence because they started to have bike stations all over the city. I came to this station to get one of these bicycle maps Buenos Aires is a surprisingly
green city – therefore you can find plenty of parks to relax. My favorite is bosques de Palermo! Tango is another important part of the local culture. Instead of going to one of these expensive dinner shows you should check out the tango.. at San Telmo market which is also the next tip. San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood of
Buenos Aires and the best time to go there is on sundays for the antique
street market you can use to chance to buy some
souvenirs like complete mate set. But: Don’t forget to bargain! For dinner you have to eat steak! And this is why we are here and for this massive portion of meat and wine you pay aprox. 110 pesos. The nightlife in Buenos Aires is possibly one of the best in South America Palermo is the place to go to dance the night away and have some fernets! Enjoy Buenos Aires and check out the related blogposts for all information and links about the
places and the tours mentioned in this video In the next video I show you Montevideo – see you! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
and watch the previous episode from Roasario!


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    nancito 80

    muy buen video,me gusto mucho soy de buenos aires y quiero aclarar que buenos aires es mucho mas grande y solo muestran la capital federal!! pero mas aya de eso muy lindo video,saludossssss

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    the awesome museums and the free concerts and activities that city government offers. very cliche the video, but good.

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    carina ibanez

    Thanks for the video, buenos aires rocks! Don"t pay attentiion to the bad publicity about crime rates.. Just be careful.. Lime i. london, pari or nyc

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