Top 5 Essential Travel Tips – Punta Uva, Costa Rica – Makai’s World

Top 5 Essential Travel Tips – Punta Uva, Costa Rica – Makai’s World

Hey. Are you guys thinking about heading to
Punta Uva, Costa Rica? Or maybe just the Caribbean coast? Well, stay tuned because we have five
travel tips coming right up. Hey guys. Welcome back to another episode of Makai’s World and
Costa Cousins Adventures. During this series we have been showing you the different entrances
and beaches of Punta Uva, Costa Rica. If you did not see the first episode check it out
here. During this episode we showed you the first main entrance of Punta Uva. And the
next video we showed you the middle entrance. And this week we’re gonna show you the Arrecife
or Manzanillo side of the Punta Uva cliff and give you the top five travel tips for
whenever you head to Punta Uva, Costa Rica. And also, we’re going to tell you which side
we like the best and why. So let’s go ahead and check out the second entrance on the Manzanillo
side. And just like always… for now… we shot this video on the GoPro Hero 7, which
you can find a link to in the description below. We love it. It does the job. And it’s
super compact and easy to travel with. And as we level up on equipment we will share
with you our new equipment and show you where to get it and all of that good stuff. And
like I said, we will also give you some travel tips to make your beach day more enjoyable.
So stay tuned until the end of this episode. So last but not least on our Punta Uva tour
is the second entrance also known as the Arrecife beach entrance. Let’s go! Muchas gracias.
Ok gracias. Gracias. Gracias. Vamos chicos. Um. It hit me in the head. Huh? I said it hit me in the head. It fell and went bonk. No, it didn’t. Yes, it did.
It did? Uh-huh. Did it work? I’m gonna go try on the tree. Did it work, no? I
did it on the tree. Yeah, but I was asking her. It actually did work. Yeah,
that’s what I thought. I thought I heard it crack. It’s so
clear down there! Are you in Punta Uva? Do you wanna try to go back and do a little fishing?
Yeah. Alright. You’re covered in sand. What were you doing? Eating it? Not bad, huh? You
can also keep going South a little bit down the trail along the beach until you run out
of road to explore. Or you can just stay close to the entrance. It really depends on what
you are more comfortable with. And if you are traveling alone, I would suggest staying
closer to where more people are. So now that you have seen both sides of the cliff I’m
going to tell you which side we like the most and why. With some tips for your trip. So
which side wins? Drumroll… We actually like both sides. Huh. It usually just depends on
what our beach day goal is. The first entrance is great if you want to do some fishing, rent
a kayak, explore the river, go for a swim, or hike up the cliff. We like to go to the
Arrecife side for snorkeling because a couple of hundred meters past the cliff is a great
reef for snorkeling and seeing sea creatures. This side is also really great for swimming.
Actually, both sides are great for swimming. Punta Uva is known for it’s calm waters so
it’s a good option for a family adventure. Both sides have cool little restaurants nearby
that are open sometimes. So if you’re hungry you can grab a bite to eat there or there
are always people walking up and down the beach selling delicious little snacks from
whatever country they’re from. So explore both sides but if you only have time for one
side, decide which activity or activities you want to do the most and choose that side.
So, the moment that you have been waiting for… maybe. And please comment about any
tips or experiences that you may have had or have that could help out other travelers
our ourselves. Number one. If you want a better chance of having less people around, steer
clear of the weekends and the holidays. During these times a lot of people come in from San
Jose and other parts of Costa Rica to enjoy the beaches. So there’s a lot of energy around
with people grilling out, day-drinking, and having a lot of fun. But if you are looking
for a little peace and quiet, it’s less likely to happen. Number two. Just like always, when
you are traveling anywhere, watch your belongings and lock your car. Even though it may feel
like you have found the most beautiful, carefree place in the world. A little piece of paradise
where nothing ever goes wrong, there are still some people looking to score a new iPhone
or whatever may be in your bag so keep them close. Number three. If you are wallking,
biking, or relying on public transportation it’s best to leave, in my opinion, before
four pm. That gives you enough time to get to wherever you’re going before night falls.
Because when night falls, the roads get a little more dark. Or a lot more dark and a
little more dangerous. And in this part of Costa Rica it gets dark around five-thirty
and completely dark by six pm all year round. Number four. Bring jus enough cash to get
you through the day. Because if you want to rent equipment or buy snacks, you will probably
need some cash. But it is always smart to only bring what yo’re gonna need, or what
you can afford to lose. And bring just a little more just in case you get in a bind. Number
five. Swim at your own risk. These areas are traditionally calmer areas for swimming but
sometimes these parts get rough also. And since this is not the main area of Puerto
Viejo, there are no lifeguards. Like at Playa Cocles there rae lifeguards, but here there
are no lifeguards. So it is better to swim at your own risk. So those are our Top Five
Tips for heading out to Punta Uva, Costa Rica. So if you are looking for a great family day
in the Caribbean of Costa Rica, we suggest visiting Punta Uva. It’s beautiful. It’s one
of the best beaches in the whole world. And like always, we suggest that you travel smart
and travel safe. We’ll see you next time on Makai’s World and Costa Cousins Adventures.
And don’t forget to comment, like, share, and most importantly subscribe. See you next
time. Pura Vida and Peace!


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