Top Costa Rica Travel Tips – Essential for your Costa Rica Vacation

Top Costa Rica Travel Tips – Essential for your Costa Rica Vacation

Welcome to Frog TV,
I’m Adam Baker. Today I’m gonna be answering the 7 most common questions questions we get asked by our clients looking to visit Cost Rica.
Who am I to answer them you might say well, I’m British expat he’s been living
here in Costa Rica since 2006 and have been fortunate enough to work
in the tourism industry ever since I arrived. So let’s get to our list. Well nice and simple, make sure you get in
two locations don’t just go to the beach for a week,
before you go anywhere just go and visit the volcano and
rainforest area maybe two or three nights before
relaxing on the beach. The volcano area offers exciting scenery, active volcanoes
amazing tours whitewater rafting, zip lining, hot
springs – you can’t miss out, so make sure you go there, then head to the
beach and take it easy for the rest of the vacation. It’s too far away, that’s the simple matter.
You don’t wanna be spending three to four to five hours in what way trip to the volcano just do
the same thing when you get back the volcano has far too much to see and
do, so don’t miss out make sure you stay there
for a few days, and it’s just to far you don’t wanna go to the volcano just to relax
in the hot springs for maybe one hour and see the volcano. Stay there and enjoy some of the tours, it’s the adventure capital of Costa Rica and the local town at the volcano is La Fortuna a fantastic cultural experience which
you won’t find at the beach and it really adds to that vacation. Well I can tell you now Costa Rican Vacations guarantee our
prices to be exactly the same as if you were to book hotels on your own. We save you all the time energy
so you don’t have to go and search the best hotels for the best tours, theres
so much choice out there to just get in touch with us and as we
guarantee the same prices everybody wins this simple way we make
our money is we take a small commission from the
hotel costs so say hotel cost you $100 per night, they sell it to us for $80 we guarantee it to be the same price at
a $100 bucks and the company makes $20 dollars commission and
thats how it works out – prices guaranteed everybody wins it’s a golden set up.
So what are you waiting for make sure to get in touch with us and we
will get you the best rates Well to keep it simple – no It’ll only rain in the afternoons and some
parts of the country more than others. If you want that nice beach getaway in
the middle of September make sure to go to the northwest of the
country. Costa Rica’s Guanacaste coast offers fantastic dry sunny weather in
the high 90’s all year round however there’s some big
advantages in travelling in the green season: the
wildlife is fantastic you won’t have seen anything like it
anywhere else int he world okay you’re gonna have fantastic lush
rainforest wildlife is gonna be everywhere the other
advantage is fewer tourists obviously it’s off-season so you also get
cheaper hotel rates, and the inside tip is traveling in what we
call in Costa Rica the ‘Veranillio de San Juan’ which is San
Juan’s summer now this is an ideal time to travel it’s
just at the end of June to the first few weeks of July.
So when the rain clouds disappear in the afternoons you get lovely warm weather all day
that’s the insider’s tip, that you need to know Get on it! Well we offer rental cars, if you really want one for the flexibility
however there’s a few advantages and I would say a few more advantages
in using our private transfer service. The advantages you don’t have to drive
on the Costa Rican roads, It doesn’t matter how good your
suspension is, if you get from A to B it’s gonna be a bumpy ride the roads are not what they are where you
live that’s a guarantee! Doesn’t matter where you are – Mongolia? Costa Rica raods are worst!
Now not just that a stressed getting from A to B there is
no good signs in Costa Rica there is no nice’n easy street names and
addresses it’s a nightmare so getting from A to B is not simple, you don’t
know where your going, it just causes stress you don’t need on your vacation use one of our private bi-lingual drivers, he’ll get you from A to B in a relaxed fashion. He’s fluent in
English and it’s a transfer for you and your family or maybe a partner it’s
something that kinda adds to your vacation experience. He will stop on the way, he’ll show you
the sights and sounds you get to try some exotic fruit that
you’ve never even heard of that you’d never even seen or thought about before,
and he’s there for you so you have a much more relaxing
experience meaning you get to the hotel so you can get into the swimming pool and get that cocktail a lot quicker! Well, I can tell you in two words:
extremely busy. 60 percent of all vacationers coming to
Costa Rica bought their vacation for Christmas in March thats a whole nine months before
Christmas comes around, so you need to get on it as soon as possible. There’s a couple of
reasons: it’s the busiest time of the year it’s just a fact, for two weeks the hotel’s
will actually close out their rooms sooner and they’ll give some of these rooms to agencies, we call them ‘Christmas Blocks’ so we have a
selection of hotel rooms just for you so you can book them early,
so you won’t find any availability come July or August perhaps the hotel
that’s most popular or the one you want to visit.
So give us a call and get your flights early as well, traveling at Christmas the
flights just go mad and all the prices go up there’s more flights because it’s a
holiday period which is fantastic but they will get expensive.
So don’t wait till October! Well yes you can, should you? Possibly not. Costa Rica’s local currency is the Costa Rican Colon, now we also use the US dollar so what we
recommend is taking a couple one-dollar bills but
more $5’s, $10’s and $20’s use them when you’re traveling abroad you’ll
get the change in Colones. Or simply go to the ATM inside the
airport. Get the Costa Rican Colones out, the
exchange rate will be by the bank nice and easy.
Those are the 7 top tips or I should say 7 top myths that I’ve
just busted for you guys. Now if you have anymore questions from me
write them here in the comments box and I’ll make sure
to get back to you on our next Questions video.
For more information visit and make sure you subscribe to this video
and the link will be right there, there’s the link. You’ll be able to check back for more
information, and MORE videos For Frog TV – I’m Adam Baker Hasta – la Proxima


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    Costa Rica land area is only of 51.100 km2 (0.03% of the planet’s surface) but this  small land represent nearly 4% of the total worldwide biodiversity; so has an advice, just dont stay in one place, and dont put all your eggs in one basket, Costa Rica main economic activity is touristm, so you will find hundreds of travel agency both national and international, so take your time to chose the one more comfortable for you.

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