Total Drama World Tour – Baby [whit LYRICS in CAPTIONS][SUBTITULADA]

Total Drama World Tour – Baby [whit LYRICS in CAPTIONS][SUBTITULADA]

You might think I know it all
And maybe I’m headin’ for a fall I’m just that brainiac guy
Left alone to sit and cry. Honey…
I have some questions for you first Girl… Take some time to school me
Quench my thirst… for knowledge Cause, gosh!
I just gotta know… How’d you get so hot? Baby! You’re so smokin’ hot! Baby! My physics know-how ain’t got a hope
Of explaining why your butt’s so dope You bend my space time continuum When you shake what your mama gave you-em! I don’t even hardly know my name. ‘Cause when you walk in the room
Nobody lookin’ the same! Baby! Gosh! Uh, you think we might need to get some security out here? Marry me, Justin! Alright!
I demand a scientific investigation
To whether you’re even from the human nation I swear you’re changing my molecular structure
With all your sexy ions
You make my heart rupture!


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