Travel Tips: Security Screening for Infant-Care Items

Travel Tips:  Security Screening for Infant-Care Items

Traveling with a baby on your next airport visit? Here is what to expect. Strollers and all baby carriers will need
to be screened either by x-ray and/or manually. Since you’re allowed to bring
more than 3.4 ounces of breast milk… …formula; pre-mixed baby formula in liquid or frozen state; milk products; juice… …gel or liquid teethers; bottled water; canned, jarred and processed baby food; and essential non-prescription liquid medications… …it’s likely you’ll need additional screening. But not to worry, these screenings are completely harmless. Children under the age of 12 do
not have to remove their shoes. Oh, and one more thing, metal detectors are FDA approved and deemed safe for your child. Know that at no point during the screening process will you be separate from your child. For more information and for further guidance, make sure to visit

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