Travel With Chatura | යුද්ධ හමුදා මුලස්ථානයේ පළමු සංචාරය (Vlog 215) [EN Sub]

Travel With Chatura | යුද්ධ හමුදා මුලස්ථානයේ පළමු සංචාරය  (Vlog 215) [EN Sub]

Earlier, we travelled to see how Lotus Tower was constructed
and how Moregahakanda project was initiated. As such, when massive projects are undertaken
by using public funds, it is good to pay a visit to those places. Because so many Sri Lankans live abroad and those who are living in the country get
limited opportunities to see them. But as journalists, we can visit such places We are going to see the newly constructed
Army Headquarters in Akuregoda. We’ll go and see what’s happening around. Since we are entering into an Army Headquarters,
there is high security and we have to go through various check points. There are three main entrances. West entrances,
that means via Pelawatta, we entered from Kotuwarawa, The main entrance is the Southern entrance ..that means via Thalawathugoda which paves way
to the under construction Ministry of Defence. This project runs back to a long history. In 1950, This conversion of capitals took place as
an initial step of Colombo plan. the administration capital was converted
into the commercial capital and named Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte
as the administration capital. It began during the period of former
President J. R. Jayawardena. By 1979, it was planned to shift Army
Headquarters away from the commercial city they recognized this land which
has spread over 77 acres In 1980, a part of the Army Headquarters
land was acquired by a well-known hotel. It’s better to not to mention
the names Since 1979, this project dragged over years
due to various reasons including the war. By 1999 – 2003 attention was drawn again to this land
along with the intervention of Urban Development Authority. was haulted for a while was held under the Civil Aviation Authority After the civil war, attention was
once again drawn to this project under the supervision of the Former
Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse. Initially, it was planned to built each institution in
five different places of the land the Defence Secretary suggested constructing all
of them under one administrative body. This project came into reality as a result. However the former secretary during that period
has questioned if they attacked the enemy together
why can’t they be in the same place? Nevertheless there are certain formalities,
sub cultures in the army It’s, bit hard to justify them In whatever way , they build
a buiding where they reside in different places That’s how this become a
successful project completion. there were 10,000 in air force, 20,000 in navy and 35,000 in army. these were arranged considering the needs of
the cadre of Three Armed Forces, But once the army cadre escalated
upto 150,000 administrative and other issues aroused. ..faced many difficulties When everything comes into one place, .. the condition would be different and
practically useful. Monthly rental of around 43 million is spent .. for the places where army quarters
and other institutions located at. It was expected to complete the construction
by 01.08.2019 and hand it over to the SL Army. before the election but it was dragged due to
the Easter attacks. Since a considerable amount of
money is spent as monthly rentals, The Commander-in-chief of SL Army Major General
Shavendra Silva decided to declare open
the new Army HQ with immediate effect. All the vehicles of the army are placed at a
different area and the safety of this area will be ensures. Those activities are still in progress.
This place has a different but a strong security system. I am not allowed to say anything
regarding the safety measures. In the past, so many mistakes took
place in terms of safety. Now they are trying to correct them
and tighten the security at its best. need someone’s guidance to move around
otherwise,might get lost. Once the security systems are well established,
we may not allowed to move like this. My hat! I have been to a place similar to this.
That is the Pentagon, HQ of the US military. It is said Pentagon was built by 4000 workers
who worked for 24 hours d all day long in 1943. spread over approximately 350,000 sq.m. Akuregoda Headquarters
has only 127,727 sq.m. That means 37.5% of the Pentagon. This was scheduled to complete at the end of 2016.
But is did not happen. So the SL Army had to establish
in 17 different places payed a monthly rental of Rs. 43 million. But with the opening of the new Headquarters
all these things will come to an end. the war has come to an end here we are entering into the Headquarters.
Its architectural designs have made with much grandeur While entering to a mansion
it reflects a grandeur . as in Richmond Castle, Maitland Crescent or museum,
can feel a sense of profoundness. Here, the regiments of SL Army are
represented along with their flags. Ordinary people are not familiar with the
no. of regiments and forces Starting from the top, Gemunu Watch, Mechanized Infantry Regiment, Commando Regiment, Gajaba Regiment, Sri Lanka Light Infantry, Sri Lanka Artillery, Sri Lanka Engineers Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, SL Special Tasks Force, Sri Lanka Rifle Corps, Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps, Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps, Military Intelligence Corps, Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps, Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps, Sri Lanka National Guard, Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps, Sri Lanka Electrical and
Mechanical Engineers ..and Sri Lanka Army Service Corps All of them work together in
the war as a single army. By merely walking around the building,
we cannot get a clear understanding This is the structure
of the entire building. 3 is SL Navy, 4 is SL Air Force, 5 is where auditoriums are located
for all above 6 & 7 are allocated to SL Army ## Finally the 8th section Once you observe these premises separately,
can get a better understanding. we are looking at 7 & 8 today Actually “This is not something that I did,
not something I thought of. This concept conceived in the
mind of Defense Secretary. just assisted to deliver the baby; we just built it by bricks,
concrete and roofs. He always talked about discipline,
pride and unity. Now you may think how ro construct a building
from those three aspects, how can we portray them through
bricks, cement, sand. It’s possible. We have learnt about
it in our universities.” After ending the war,
Defence Secretary thought “if we won the war by war by unity,
how far we move ahead.” Along this concept he brought all
these institutions to a single location. This is the office premises of
each separate office and its staff. Usually we cannot see this open space. But the Commander-in-chief of SL Army Lieutenant General
Shavendra Silva holds a concept that every soldier in the army should be given an opportunity
to work at this place at least once in his lifetime. Even for a soldier, this would be a different experience; to get involved with the administration
and to work in this workplace. Separate premises are built Lieutenant Colonels,
Colonels, Major ranking officers, their staff and clerks. Together with everything,
can see a modern office complex. 6, 7 parts of the HQ are allocated for SL Army. Out of the 8 parts, 2 are possessed by SL Army. One part is stretched over one acre of land. Army owns two of them, i.e. 2 acres. Since each of them has 10 floors,
altogether there are 20 acres. A larger surface area is allocated
to the ground floor. We have come here on a special day. A pirith chanting ceremony along with
other religious performances is taking place to bless the SL Army under the patronage of the Commander-in-chief of
SL Army Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva. (chanting prayers) (Catholic Prayers ) (Hindu prayers) (Islamic prayers) this includes a
modern elevator system similar to the Lotus Tower This is an occasion when new things are embraced while preserving ours. This resembles our architecture as it is
visualized at Ambekke Develaya ..and other significant architectural designs. The bases of the pillars are octagonal in shape Notable carvings among these masterpieces
carried us to the past days as I mentioned earlier
this resembles our pride and dignity of the army including Sri Lankanness architects have paid scant attention
on this regard Travel with Chathura at Army Head Quarters Network tower has been implemented for
communication purposes coordination between the institutions
is being done through that you might wonder
how to prepare in case of a terrorist attack ? introduce your arguments in facebook
if you want please spare me My purpose is just to
show what has been built All the necessary safety measures have
been taken to built this released after recycling not stinky! Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Municipal Council has
Waste Management Plans One of the biggest project in history Water resource management is
one of the biggest concerns. tanks may also be set up to collect rainwater Water recycling is reusing treated wastewater for beneficial purposes
such as gardening. All the measures have been taken
on this regard Electricity system is one of the crucial thing
in this project the structure is not built as a pile foundation but
on a concrete base to over come the causes of pile foundation
they have built in this manner The auditorium will be built here


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    M.S .DASUN.

    නියම නායකත්වයක් අපේ රට සුරපුරයක් කරන්න පුලුවන් ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්ෂ නම් නායකයාට ඒකට හොදම එක් උදාහරණයක් මේක ❤️❤️ ඒ අතර අන්ලයික් කරපු කුහකයොත් මේ රටේ ඉන්නවා ඇත්තටම දුකයි ඒ ගැන

  74. Post
  75. Post

    හිතට ආවේ මාර ගැම්මක් මේක බැලුවාම.. රණවිරුවන්ට හැමදාමත් ආදරෙයි❤️❤️❤️🙏🇱🇰🇱🇰

  76. Post
    P M

    ගෝඨාභය ඡනාදීපතීතුමණී
    හදවතට දැනෙන සතුට අපේ රටද හිතෙනවා
    ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්ෂ ඡනාදීපතීතුමණී තෙරුවන් සරණයි

  77. Post
  78. Post
  79. Post
    Jan P

    Though it was very proud for us,we have to very carefully with the showing our very secret security operational places to public.please try to travel to another except the above.

  80. Post
    Jan P

    Even the Pentagon in Washington DC can be visited & they are not allowing to use Cell phone, cameras, recording devices and other electronic devices cannot be used on the tour and no photography is permitted inside the building.

  81. Post
  82. Post
  83. Post
    Sumith Sameera

    ජාතියට ශක්තියක් ආශිර්වාදයක් garu ගෝඨාභය මැතිතුමන් oba බිහිවුයේ ජාතියේ පිනට

  84. Post
    SASANKA Jayasekara

    චතුර, මුළු වැඩසටහනම සිංහලෙන් කරලා අන්තිමට නම් ටික ඉංග්‍රීසියෙන් දාන්නේ ඇයි? දේශප්‍රේමයටද නැත්නම් සිංහල වචන නොදන්නා කමටද?

  85. Post
  86. Post
  87. Post
  88. Post
  89. Post
    Buddi Dananjaya

    මොලයක් නෙවෙයිනේ අපෙ ජනදි පතිතුඋමට තියන්න නෙද.

  90. Post
  91. Post
    Channa Tirimanne

    ……beautiful place but something is missing,…its still looks a mega housing complex…need to place something there…to make it THE HQ of our armed forces..that weight is not there

  92. Post
    Kusal Janith

    ඇතුලු වෙන මාර්ග ඉදන් පෙන්නන එපා යකෝ.මේක ෆිල්ම් හෝල් එකක් නෙවෙයි ආරක්ෂක මූලස්ථානක්

  93. Post
    Hemali Suriyaraachchi

    Gotabaya rajapaksa yanu hadawatinma Sri lankki penawa nada ohu sathu idiridakma ,🌎🌎🌏🌍🌐lokamamama uthum rata Lankawa wanaba sahathikai apita nowai anagatha daruparapurata mihi perthilaba Sri lankkiyaku we mam adambari

  94. Post
    Hemali Suriyaraachchi

    Manna balapiyau gotabaya rajapaksa horakam karapu Salli loke diunma ratakawage athumata sadawathinma isthuthi thawa thawath rata diunuwakara raganayana nirbitha buddimath nayakayanni

  95. Post
  96. Post
  97. Post
    K a s u n M a d u s h a n k a

    meka penna eka dawasak ratak widiyata apeta tharajanayak wenna bari na…..habai maka rawanage alaka mandawa wage kiyalath hithanawa

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  100. Post

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