Travel With Chatura | Kahatagasdigiliya (Vlog 213) [EN Sub]

Travel With Chatura | Kahatagasdigiliya (Vlog 213) [EN Sub]

Where are you going uncle ?
to bathe to where?
shall we also join? yeah, sure! they have started these in1986 ## bur, caught on my sarong removing is one of the tiresome works came to bathe here The villagers use this river to bathe,
wash their clothes Any men and women
can bathe,wearing proper clothes Ilukgama is a village refers to a
small population of 270 families People make use of this
Huruluwewa to meet their daily water needs that stream is flowing like this Is this the rainy season or
the dry season? it’s dry season just imagine the water level
during the dry season! How it’d be in the rainy season! As you already know we are at
kahatagasdigiliya you wonder where to stay in
kahatagasdigiliya while searching we found the best place to
stay. It’s called “Thanayama” (Rest-House) This is an ideal place
compared to the other rest houses sunrise, amid the floating mists of a very
charming morning yet, it’s tragic here Most of these men are engaged
with chena cultivations it’s really a hard task to survive frequent fires on large scales
caused to burn these huge trees It’s catastrophic This is where we have to look in
to it in their angles Mathematical evolution lies where
the empty set is the unique set having no elements It is expanding day by day People are prompted to search
for the roots also many may not like it We are at Kahatagasdigiliya Divisional Secretariat
which is in North Central Province in
Anuradhapura district. Because there are mathematicians. we came in search of him we’ll go and talk He is Mr. D.I. Anurasiri a cultivator and of course a
brilliant mathematician. He is not an ordinary man he is the mathematician
who cultivates We were curious about you
so shall we have a little chat? Being why are you involved
in this field? what matters most is doing a job.
The income you get . even thouh he lives in Kahatagasdegiliya ,
have even solved Fermat’s
Last Theorem When did this happen? Everyone here is interested in my first
invention. Apart from that have done so
many advance experiments Above all solving Fermat’s
Last Theorem is the most important one In 1637 Fermat presented this
mathematical problem for the first time. To mathematicians such as Isaac Newton ,Earl ,
Pascal and Mercanus Fermat’s Last Theorem, claimed to became one of the most
notable unsolved problems of mathematics. In sri lanka, there are prominant mathematicians , professors.
Didn’t they help you to solve this? most people don’t know about
number theories so that they can’t help Some argue that how can a person who
didn’t even pass the ordinary level examination
solved this theorem but recently after 26 years, one of the professors
agreed with my solution He also had invited me
to do a presentation in Russia So he is such a notable person
any body who wishes to help him this is your chance. We’ll see what happens. Wether it’s
true or not! Going to climb up that.
It’s Babarahela noted for Lion-shaped , and have many
untold stories we’ll go to the temple first Babarahela Raja Maha Viharasthanaya one of the
historical place spreaded over a cave which contain statues and paintings
and has been reconstructed recently. Many stories woven behind this.
Is it true? That’s the place It is said that kind Dewanampiya-Thissa looked
at Anuradhapura, Mihinthalaya from this view also said that one of his wives
had lived here However we’ll climb and see that’s the way, right? Numerous people joined with
us prior to that need to get
blessings and protection for our journey (prayers) It is beleived that there is a hidden
Medieval Door Leading to the cave. It may close down if a
stranger enters. however now we can’t see such a door all
were covered with mud This is being known as
Babara hela, Babara gala and Babara kanda
where as wasps have a special relationship with the rock often find wasp nests in cave cavities,
and sometimes under caves, sometimes that must be
the reason to name it as babara kanda ( wasp mountain) many legendary stories are
related with this rock According to tradition, Vihara Maha Devi’s
treasure , wealth have been hidden here burglars entered in search of them So kindly request you to come
and enjoy the beauty of it Sunday schools were conducted
on Sundays Hai! (Buddhists recite their prayers)


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    asha. ranatunga

    Beautiful! Chatura + Wathura = match made in heaven 😜❤

    Very surprised you didn't climb that other steep rock. 😜. What held you back?

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    kasun yasanka

    Telecast krnankoo. Magul political program pennala minissunge oluwa kannathiwa mewage program ekak pennathiwa ai nawaththuwe. Aparada wada krnna epa hloo🤬🤬🤬

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    Champa Muthumala

    පුතේ ,තුනුරුවන් ගේම සරණයි .
    පුතේ, තවදුරටත් කටයුතු කරගෙන යෑමට ශක්තිය දවසින් දවස වැඩි වේවා .

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    Nandana Piyal

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    Office Set එක

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    Dushan Kaushalya

    චතුර…. ඔයා නිසා මමත් දැන් ගොඩක් Travel කරනවා. ඔයා ගියපු තැන් ගොඩකට ගියා. ඒ වගේම මේ එන December මම යනව Laxapana සහ Black Wood

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    Travel to Travel Sri Lanka


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    CK bro

    අලුත් u tube channel පටන් ගන්න අයට අපෙන් පොඩි sup එකක්..
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