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Hi, I’m Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project and here at The
Hanger Project we love helping the well-dressed take care
of their wardrobes. In today’s video I’m going to be
showing you how I pack to travel. Now packing is a delicate art between balancing fitting as much into your luggage as possible while packing in such a way that you protect your clothing and all of your items arrive
undamaged and ready to be worn. So today I leave for a six day trip
to London and Paris and so I’ve got all my clothes here and I’m going to be showing you how
I fit it into my luggage. Now we all reach a point in
our life where we just don’t want to
struggle with our luggage anymore and so I’ve recently upgraded all of my luggage to the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe. I’ve got three different pieces from
them. I’ve got their largest carry on
piece of luggage. I’ve got a medium check and a large check. And so depending on how long I’m
gone determines which piece I take. So if I’m going on a domestic trip
where I’m just going to be gone for a few
nights of course I’m always taking my carry
on but if I’m going internationally and I’m going to be taking more
clothes then I’m choosing between one of my two different pieces of checked luggage. For a trip that’s less than a week, I’m going to take my medium and for anything that’s longer than
a week I typically take my largest piece of luggage. You’ll also see that
whenever I travel I always make a point to
dress up in a jacket and tie. I find that I’ve just receive better
service when dressed properly and promise that I even received upgrades solely because I was well dressed. Secondly it just makes travel more fun. I pack my luggage in two different
sections. On the left side which doesn’t have the railings from the handles and is the most flat I put all of my clothing and then on the second side the right side which has kind of the rough bottom because of the the handle reinforcements, I pack my shoes and then all my different sundries. The reason I keep those apart is
because on the left side I am able to pack
all my clothing. I am able to keep it flat and as wrinkle free as possible. I don’t have to worry about any of
my bulky stuff possibly damaging anything. And then on the right side I’m
packing my shoes and everything else in such a way
that again my shoes are well-protected but I’m still able to fit kind of
all those random things in there without bothering any of my clothes to the
left. The other thing that I’ve recently
started doing differently is I am always traveling with my hangers. And again it just goes back to this
philosophy of not wanting to struggle whenever
I’m packing. And so if I’m packing with my hangers whenever I arrive I’m able to just pull everything out
of my wardrobe or everything out of my luggage, hang it in the wardrobe. I don’t have to hassle with putting things on or off the hangers or folding things nice and neatly and then second it’s just nice to have hangers that fit and that are taking care of my
clothing properly. Now this is something you could
really only do with the proper hanger like the
wooden hangers we sell here at The Hanger Project. If you were to try to pack with wire hangers I would be too worried about those sharp metal
ends tearing my fabrics or scratching anything. So with hangers from The Hanger
Project this is something I’m able to do. Now as I mentioned earlier on the
left smooth side of this Rimowa luggage is where I like to put all of my
clothes and I’m going to start with my
trousers first. So the reason I start with my trousers first is because I figured that between the trousers and the shirts, the trousers can take the most amount of weight on top of it without creasing and any unsightly way. So I flatten these out and what’s nice about this large Rimowa is that these can just fit in with just being folded over once. Now if I’m traveling with my carry on piece of luggage I can
actually get these on the left side of the
Rimowa carry on which is folding you know like this at the cuff so again I really love this Rimowa luggage. I find that it packs
very easily. I’ve got the second pair of trousers from my gray flannel suit. So again, I’m going to put this in. Right here so I like to alternate again kind of the direction I packed things just so that it
packs flatter. Now that the trousers are in I’m
going to pack my shirts next. Now as I mentioned one of the things I really love to do is to
pack with the hangers and it’s actually quite easy to do. What you do is you just slide the hanger into the shirt so that the top of the
hook is level with the collar and then you just simply fold your sleeves over and then fold the body of the shirt over once and it fits in perfectly. OK so next I’m going to pack my second shirt. On my first shirt my collar was
towards the left on the second shirt I’m
going to pack it with the collar towards
the right. The reason I do this again is just so that those items nest as much as possible and I find that it just allows me to pack everything in flatter. I’m going to position this, I’m going to fold the sleeves. I like to flatten these things out
as much as possible. Since this is a French cup shirt I’m
going to fold that over once and then again I’m going to fold this shirt over once. There you go perfectly flat. Again I’m going to drop the hanger into the shirt body and then I fold my sleeves over and then fold this once. Now one of the things I do is before
I pack my last shirt, I take a moment and I pack any of the other items in there before I put that last
shirt. I like the last shirt to be. I like to have a shirt that I place
in last to just kind of seal everything in to this clothing compartment and so I’ve got the vest that I’m going to wear with my
stroller. I’m going to put this in here. I’m going to place this with out the hanger just because the direction I placed this the hanger really
wouldn’t go. But as you can see I can fit this in there and nothing wrinkles. And then what I’m going to do is
pack my ties. Right. So again whenever I’m packing I’m thinking 1. How do I pack everything in such a
way that nothing wrinkles or that I minimize wrinkling? And then 2. How do I pack things in
such a way that minimizes movement around inside the luggage? So one of the tricks that I’ve
learned with packing ties is basically I’ll pack these kind of in a lattice pattern. With kind of one over the other. And what this does is again it just locks these ties in together so that you don’t have all your ties moving kind of around in the luggage. So let’s see I’ve got that. I’m going to throw my pocket squares and right here. I’ve got an undershirt. I’m going to throw also on top of that. OK. And then I’m going to pack my last shirt on top of all this. You’ll see again because I’ve got
this shirt going on top of everything, it’s just going to again kind of help lock everything in and just protect the clothing from anything that could damage it. I always like that pack a few extra
white shirts especially whenever I’m traveling to
London. You know there’s just nothing more
elegant than a nice white shirt and I find that whenever I’m
traveling I really appreciate my white shirts
the most because they’re just so
versatile in how I wear them. So this is the last shirt. And then let’s see what else I’m
going to take my socks. You know I like to put the socks
kind of in between the hooks to the hanger. Again just with the idea of kind of
locking those in so that nothing’s moving
around. And then there’s inevitably always a
little bit of void kind of around the edges. So I pack my socks in kind of in and around that. But for the most part I think I’m
done with everything here on the shirts. So I’m going to close this side
over. And again one of the things that I
really appreciate about the Rimowa is you’ve got these little accordion dividers and so it just allows me to synch everything down and it’s just going to keep
everything secure and from moving around too much. So for this six day trip to London
I’m going to take three pairs of shoes. I’m going to take one pair of casual
loafers which I’m wearing and then two pairs of black shoes bespoke a whole cut seamless and then my bespoke cap toe oxfords. So the way that I’ve packaged these is basically I’m going to put everything in a
shoe bag but what I like to do is one is off first place the shoe in the Cleverley bag that they came in. But then second I’ll essentially double pack them and what I’m using
here are The Hanger Project mole skin shoe bags. And I like these because
they’re the plushest, softish shoe bag and you just are going to have the best protection for your
shoe against anything inside the luggage
damaging that. So I’m essentially just double bagging these. Taking the time to snap these closed. Another thing I really like about
this Hanger Project mole skin bag is that it can be tied. And again this is just going to do a
better job protecting the heel. And then these bags are also
available in several sizes. Now another thing that I’ve
learned to do with my shoes is I always
place my shoes and anything that’s heavy that I’m
packing at the bottom of the luggage. You might not be able to see it but the wheels are on this end. And so by having the heavy items at the bottom whenever the luggage is upright and I’m rolling it through the
airport, the heaviest items are already all the way up the bottom so you
don’t have to worry about them falling down the luggage and crunching everything. So I always pack my shoes at the bottom. Another thing that you’ll see is I always travel with my shoe trees and again because you know I want to be protecting my
shoes and so by packing the shoes with my shoe trees I know that even if I’ve got a lot of
stuff on top of the shoe that the integrity and the structure and the shape of
the shoe is being protected by the shoe tree. The other reason I like to always
pack my shoe trees is because inevitably whenever I’m traveling I’m always doing a lot of walking. So it’s even more important at night to make sure that you let your shoes rest with the shoe trees inserted. So, I know that shoe trees can be heavy. You know we sell a travel shoe tree
here at The Hanger Project that’s
lightweight. These bespoke trees from Cleverley are especially lightweight but regardless of what the weight
sacrifice is, I always feel that it’s necessary to travel with shoe trees. Again if you don’t have one of our Hanger Project mole skin bags, you know you can double triple bag your your shoes. I mean again the more protection you have around the shoe
just the less you have to worry about it
scuffing or anything kind of scratching or damaging your shoes during
transit. You know personally I really
appreciate that piece of mind. Now since these are so well-packaged I’m going to actually place this fourth shoe and kind of nest it between two of these other shoes. With the shoes packed, now I can move on to kind of placing everything else in all the kind of sundry items in the leftover space on the side of the luggage. And again whenever I’m doing that I’m just thinking how do I place these items in such a way that I’m
going to protect my shoes as much as possible? Now one of the ways that I’ll do
that is take you know some of my underwear and some of my other kind of soft
clothing items and I’ll place those on top and kind of around the shoes because again it’s just an
additional layer of protection. I always travel with a Maglia
Francesco travel umbrella. So I’ll put that kind of right here you never know when it’s going to
rain especially in London. I’ve tried to travel with a full size umbrella but it’s just too awkward getting onto an airplane with a full size umbrella. So I’ve just kind of resolved myself
to traveling with a nice travel umbrella. So we’ve got an extensive collection of Maglia Francesca umbrellas
available at The Hanger Project. You can find
one that suits your style and it’s a small but subtle way to really add a little bit of flair to whatever you’re wearing. So even in London where I’m dressed quite formally or in New York, it’s nice to have an umbrella that
just is a little bit out there in terms
of style and so that’s one of the things I
really appreciate about the Italian
umbrellas. These are the extra shoe trees that I spoke about earlier. I’m just going to put these kind of in there. And then let’s see I’ve got my toiletries. One of the other reasons I really
enjoy traveling with checked luggage is that you don’t have to compromise in terms of shaving. You know if you’re carrying on your
luggage you’re limited in terms of what you can bring so you can’t bring your
favorite aftershave balm. Often times they’ll try to
confiscate you know your shave cream. You certainly can’t bring a safety
razor but if you’re checking your luggage
you can take all that. So if I’m traveling abroad and I’m checking luggage you know I just find that having the
right shaving accoutrement whenever I’m
traveling internationally is just kind of a home comfort for me so I always take
that. So I’ve got my shave cream. I’ve got a shaving brush. A badger shaving brush and then I’ve got some of the this is the castle forbes shaving balm which I love. Now these liquids I always have a few kind of small ziploc bags in my luggage and so I’ll make sure that this cap or the top is is closed tightly and then I always put you know these liquids. Anything that could possibly spill
on my luggage I always put it in its own ziploc bag. Now this I’m going to instead of placing it in this
compartment I’m going to put this in kind of the zip and again this kind of helps kind of
protect. Should this explode this divider is waterproof and would help prevent that. So here I’m traveling primarily with black shoes. I’m going to take some black cream
polish. I’m going to put this in its own ziploc bag and then I always travel with wax polish. So here I’m going to travel with some black mirror gloss because in London, especially in the gentleman’s clubs, you know having a properly shined pair of shoes is very important so
I’ll always take a moment at the end of the night to
just polish my shoes for the next day. And then I’m going to take a neutral
wax polish and again if you’re traveling with brown, burgundy. You can always use your neutral to
just you know quickly shine your shoes. And so you’re only going to travel with one piece of shoe polish I would say just a 50 mL tin of the Saphir Medaille d’Or neutral polish is
really as good as it gets. So I’m going to put these in a bag again just to protect them. I’m traveling with a high shine
chamois again this is very useful for shining your shoes. I always travel with one of our medium shoeshine brushes again at the end of the day
I like to buff my shoes brush them out just keep them clean and looking good when I’m traveling. I’ve got a small cigar case with two of my rolled Corona cigars. I’ll place that in here. One of the other kind of tips or kind of tricks that picked up
over the years of traveling is that in whatever country you’re
traveling to if you’re traveling with like Apple products you know go by the store and see if you can either buyer have them give you just one of the little adapters that goes on. So I’ve got one of these with the euro adapter I’ve got one
for the U.K. And I just find that it’s so much
better than using a converter. I’ve got the iPhone chargers for the UK and for Europe. And so again it just saves all those crazy adapters you know you might be used to traveling with. I’ve got a travel shoe horn. I’ve got one of these in my
briefcase but I also like to keep one of these
in my luggage. Another thing I always travel with and this is through experience bad experience actually is I always travel with an extra set of sovereign grade shoelaces. This is actually something you
should just go ahead and put in all of your luggage. If your shoelaces break while you’re traveling you can rest assured it’s going to be right before an absolutely critical meeting and you’re not going to have an
extra pair of shoelaces with you and nobody no shops are going to be open where you can go buy
shoelaces. So this is just something good to
have because if disaster strikes you always want to be prepared. I like to keep that. I’ve got a little travel pouch that I keep my collar stays in. And then another thing I always like
to travel with is just a spare iPhone battery charger because you know you’re out all day. Especially in this day and age if
your phone dies it can be rather disastrous. And then although I’ve got the
wireless earphones for my iphone, I also always travel with a pair of kind of Bose wired headphones and the reason is because
like on an airplane you still need to plug in. So these I’ll keep in my briefcase. And then another thing that I always
travel with is just a lightweight v-neck sweater and I’ll keep this in my briefcase and the reason is as we all know
that whenever we get onto the airplane it can be
absolutely freezing. So having a sweater that you could
throw over easily whatever you’re wearing is often a
lifesaver. So there we go. We’re done with this side. I’m going to go ahead and close this
off. OK. One of the things that you’ll notice
that I didn’t pack in my luggage are my suit
jackets. And I absolutely refuse to pack any suit jackets in my luggage because you’re just
asking for all of the structure and kind of three dimensionality of
a nice nice suit jacket to really be completely squished out of it so I always carry all my jackets on to an airplane and so I’m going to
Europe you know a six day trip. I’m going to take two suits and jacket. And so what I’ll do is I’ll always wear one of them onto the airplane and they carry the other two in a garment bag. So this is our Hanger Project luxury garment bag it’s really one
of the best garment bags in the world. And one of the things that we were keeping in mind
whenever we designed this was that it could be used for travel also. So what I’ll do is I will take my suits and I’ll basically I’ll hang two suit jackets on the same hanger. Right. And so especially with our luxury kind of wooden suit hanger with the two and a half inch shoulder flare. You can do this snd the garments are still incredibly well-supported. Right. I’ll always put if I’ve got a
jacket that’s cut slightly larger than the
other I’ll always put that on last. And then I’m simply just going to
put this onto the garment bag and then fold this in half. What I’ll do is again I’m checking this piece of luggage. Right. You’re allowed two carry ons. So I’ll take my briefcase with me and then this garment bag will be my second piece. You can put this either in the
overhead storage or if you are on an airplane and you’ve got a nice flight
attendant you can ask if they’ll allow you to hang it in one of the hanging closets. Personally that’s what I always do. And what’s nice about this bag is it
can be folded over and we’ve got this little tab at the
top that allows it to be easily secured in place. And so it’s just efficient to carry. One of the other things is if you
unzip it a little bit you can carry it underneath the neck of the hangar and it’s just very easy to carry
through the airports. You’ve got your briefcase in one
hand your garment bag in the other. Now if you try to carry it on the
hooks your fingers will hate you. The trick to get around that is just
carrying it from underneath the neck of the hanger. As I mentioned. you know I always travel with my hangers. So I’m going to just place kind of the extra hangars that I
didn’t use into my luggage. You know what I might even do is
take one of these onto the airplane. So if I want to hang this jacket I
have the option to do it. You’ll see that I travel with my briefcase. Basically I use an overnight bag. One of the reasons I love using an
overnight bag as a briefcase is because it’s throw so much great stuff inside that so it’s always nice. I’ve got my trouser hanger. I’ve got the extra shirt hanger for
this shirt that I’m wearing. So there we go. So I’m going to
close this luggage. So I’ve got my checked luggage. I’ve got my garment bag that I’m going to carry on. And then I’ve got my briefcase. And I’m just going to throw this
other hanger in there and these items. It’s going to be quite chilly in
London and Paris so I’ve got my top coat. This is a top coat an old Christian Dior actually inherited from my
grandfather. And then I’m taking a top hat with me. Anyone that’s ever been in cold weather knows that a top hat really is almost as affective or as important as a top coat to
keep you warm. And there’s no more stylish way to
travel than top hat. So I always take one of my optimose with me. This is something that you
would absolutely carry on to the airplane and wear it on and then be very careful putting it
in the overhead space just to make sure that no one comes in after you and puts anything on top. If you have any questions about
anything that I’ve discussed in this video please ask it in the comments
section below. Also if you have anything that you
can share with us something that you’ve
learned over the years or decades of travel please share that also. Lastly if you like this video give
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