Trick Riding: These Horse Riders are True Daredevils | Still Standing

After being at the brewery you could say I fell off the wagon and now I was ready to fall off a horse. I went to see a
Edgerton resident trick-riding sisters Krista and Amber Graham How did you guys get into this? Well, like we rode ever since we were little and we were always involved horses and we would carry flags and at rodeos and we saw some girls trick riding and thought it looked cool. The sparkly costumes and fast horses and we were just kind of lucky to get a couple
lessons we went to the first lesson and she needed a partner so I came along so
that’s kind of how I got rolled into it. Oh my god what they do is crazy! It’s elegant and dangerous all at the same time. Yeah! Unbelievable! Good boy. Oh my God. If you put somebody in a figure skating costume and watch them do a gymnastics routine on a pommel horse except the pommel horse was going fifty
kilometers an hour and might be in a pissy mood. Amber, her face is three inches off the ground and I heard her say to the horse okay buddy. It;s okay it’s okay you’re okay (Laughter) I wasn’t worried about the horse. Is the horse ever like “Jezzzus”. (Laughter & Applause) (Applause) And the horses are male… like their guy horses right? So this is Fame he’s pretty special guy and yeah, this is Ice. This is my guy. Ice? Yep. Ice. If they could speak, would they really be into the leopard print and sequins and all that kind of stuff? I just wonder, cause they got to go to the rodeo. Glitter? Actually they’re
pretty good with that. They’re hanging out with macho horses right? Oh you’re, you’re a calf wrestling horse right oh yeah you’re a bronco buck right ah yeah I wish I had less gold glitter on my ass. (Laughter) But it’s interesting you know, how they ended up in Edgerton. I married Ty, my husband. He’s from Edgerton here. so when I moved here I was like, well… we got to find someone for Krista here We went to, it was one of the first functions I went to with Ty at the curling rink and he’s just like, Cody! She could be with Cody. and we’re like perfect! So we set them up a couple weeks later, and they’re married a year later. You got a pair a blonde trick riders one of them marries a rodeo rider, moves to a small Albertan town and tells her cowboy beau to find someone to fall in love with her sister. I’m pretty sure, I saw that in an episode of Heartland. (Laughter) Something I find really interesting is that in this little teeny tiny town there’s a brewery that’s really making ago of it a lot of people here in town have invested heavily in it. Well it’s neat to have the brewery in town and when the brewery does well the whole community does well and the whole community is behind it, so it’s kind of cool to say you’re from Edgerton and that’s where Ribstone Creek originated. They asked me if I wanted to do some horse tricks with Krista’s horse Fame. Well, I said I’d give it a go… Sit Fame. Sit. (Laugher & Applause)

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