Tuesday, October 29

Tuesday, October 29

Live from New York City, it’s the “Wendy Williams Show”. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now here’s Wendy! (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Thank you for watching our show today. (audience cheers) Say hello to my cohost, my studio audience. (audience cheers) Every day. How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheers)
(rhythmic music) Hi. (laughs) So you know, it’s weird about kids. When you think about when your kids were young, what’d you do with them. If they’re young right now, what are some of their favorite things that you’ll remember when you get older? Like, I remember, even before regular nursery rhymes, like Humpty Dumpty and stuff, Kev’s nursery rhyme was Cellino & Barnes, oh, he knew that number. (audience laughs) ‘Cause if you watch TV enough with your kids, there are certain things like Empire Carpet. If you’re from the tri-state, you know that number too. And then the shows. It’s weird because yeah, we’d watch “Barney” and all that stuff, but we’d also watch stuff that I’d like to watch because there were two TVs in the same area, kitchen and he’s over there in his play area. But he’d come in, he got to the point of calling Jennifer Aniston Jen. (audience laughs) We’d watch “Friends” and he’d call it then Jen show. So anyway, take that all the way to last night. I was out with Jen and Reese Witherspoon. (audience murmurs) It was actually, I wasn’t out with them. It was a premier here in New York for their late-night talk show called “The Morning Show”, which I think is gonna be really good. Anyway, it was at the David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center. And I had a date with me. There was no food, but I had my own. In that little tiny bag I had some turkey, what do you call that stuff when you’re desperate? Beef jerky?
Yes! Yes.
Yes, turkey jerky. Turkey jerky and a little packet of hot sauce. So I’m over on the couch, I’m like. And some Jolly Ranchers. And I’m watchin’ and lookin’ and how you doin’ and it was a real nice time. Thank you, Jen, and thank you, Reese. And Tim Apple was there, now he’s Apple TV. Who, what? Tim Cook. Tim Cook. The Apple guy. The Apple guy. There were people there. My friend, Lena was there. Lena Waithe? Lena Waithe. It was a lot of fun and I was in the house by 8:30 at night, which is my kinda party. (audience cheers) So “The Morning Show” premiers on Apple TV+ on Friday, can’t wait. Oh, Ben Affleck. (audience exclaims) Ben. Ben, what are we going to do with? That’s the Ben that’ll do. But that’s not the Ben from Jen, Ben. I’m talking about the hot Jen. I mean, Aniston’s hot, but I’m just saying, Jen Lopez. Yeah, he was a whole different kinda man when he was with her. Anyway, Ben relapsed over the weekend. And this is really, you all, he was spotted with a new woman. (audience exclaims) It’s not even about the new woman. This woman is a musician, her name is Katie Cherry. And Katie has worked with a lot of people. And currently she writes music and does music for movies, which is a very lucrative business. A young, blonde girl. Anyway, TMZ, who’s everywhere. No, now you look at him and this girl, all right? Halloween party, he thinks he’s disguised and tipping and leaning in a mask. (audience laughs) No, no, keep looking, this is bad, this is bad. (audience exclaims) (Wendy laughs) So they’re at this party in California and TMZ caught them leaving the party and they get in the car together. Ben, as you can see, is, like– (audience laughs) Messed up. And instead of going home, TMZ caught up with them again later on that night. They were at a casino playing poker. (audience exclaims) Witnesses say that Ben was clearly wasted and almost fell off his chair. Now, is this Miss Cherry’s responsibility? To take him home? I say no. (audience murmurs) Nope. Her responsibility is to get her name out there, ’cause I never heard of Miss Cherry before. (audience laughs) And now I know her. (audience applauds) It’s very sad though, ’cause he clearly is a little older than her. He was out with, he must not have any good friends who care. Everyone’s trying to get on Hot Topics or whatever, but Ben is old enough to know better to do for himself. They were saying, I was reading on Radar online, they were saying he was throwing back shots of whatever it was, something clear in a shot glass. Throwing ’em back all night. And that was the outcome when he was leaving the party. Is this Miss Cherry’s responsibility? No. Only because Miss Cherry’s looking, in my opinion, for some sort of come-up, but Ben should already see this. He’s been around long enough to understand that your little girlfriends are not gonna take care of you. They wanna be on TMZ and Hot Topics, number one. Number two–
(audience applauds) It’s not even Jennifer Garner’s responsibility. I am sure that the good Jen has done so much to try to help him, lecture him. They’ve got the children together, they’ve got three children together. The paparazzi were waiting for him. He went to Jen’s after sleeping it off all night, okay? Went to Jen and the kids’ house the next morning. (audience exclaims) Well trying to play good dad to deflect from what is really going on with him. It didn’t work, Ben. I was surprised that he stopped and talked to them. Take a look. Hey Ben, how’s it going, man? How are ya? How was the party last night, bro? Everybody’s read about you, but I see you’re fine, man. Well, you know, it happens. Just slipped, but I’m not gonna let it derail me. That’s right, man. Do what I have to do.
Are you gonna check yourself back into rehab, Ben? Thank you very much, guys. You okay, Ben? (audience exclaims) The sad part is that Jen won’t even let him park in the driveway. (audience laughs) He’s gotta park across the street. So Ben had been sober. By the way, you see the son right here, the son? We covered the kids faces, but the son is like, what, and the paparazzi are here again? The son is looking like this. Ben had been sober though, for 13 months. And like he said, sometimes people slip and stuff like that. But that was a big slip. And I know he’ll work again. I don’t feel sorry for him. I just got a job to do so I gotta talk about something over here. (audience laughs) (Wendy laughs) He’ll work again. And he’ll get girls again. And he’ll move on with his life. But one day, and he’s like, 47 years old? Mm-hmm.
He’s 47. One day, his recovery is not going to be as good as it looked that morning after. With all the hair and the nice body and so on and so forth. So Ben, you better watch these girls who you’re hanging out with. And you better watch the friends you have around you. And you’d better look out for yourself. (audience applauds) T.I., who I care for, is still talking about Iggy Azalea. (audience exclaims) Well, okay. He was chilling with Charlamagne, who asked a whole bunch of stuff. He learned from the best. (audience cheers) We’re both nosy by nature. So anyway, remember last week, T.I. we were talking about this, called Iggy Azalea a blunder to his legacy. So he sat down with Charlamagne and them and T.I., again, started going after Iggy Azalea, take a look. I don’t wish no ill-will on her. She happens to be the biggest thing tomorrow, right? But as far as I’m concerned, I feel like when she found out white people liked her and she didn’t really need black people to like her anymore, she switched up, started acting different, made moves that I wasn’t proud of. (audience murmurs) All right. Oh, ow. Here’s what Iggy said. She tweeted, “When will this guy shut up? “Please move on and speak about artists “you are hopefully helping “and stop bringing me up for relevance. “Keep it pushing, sweetie.” (audience and Wendy laugh) That is the most condescending word of life. When people call you a sweetie, you better know you are being read. (audience laughs) “Keep it pushing, sweetie, and worry about “what your next story line is for ‘Family Hustle’.” (audience exclaims) Well I don’t know Iggy Azalea, but I do believe that T.I. just needs to stop talking about this. She didn’t ruin your legacy, she added to it. Because you know what, by you discovering her, whether you like her today or not, she did have out that “Fancy” song and something else. What else?
“Black Widow”. Right, right, “Black Widow”, I forget. And then she became a household name. And that’s all due to your discovery of her and honing her artistry. As far as white people, white people, I’m sorry. (audience laughs) We gotta talk. Pull up, don’t leave the room. Black people, sit still. (audience laughs) Asian people, just come along. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) All right, here’s my thought. Here’s my thought on what he said about her turning white once she realized that white people liked her, but she was brought in under a black boss and was played on Urban radio stations. And now all of a sudden, she’s accepted in white households and she’s on with Elvis at the Z100 and things like that. But that is part of what sometimes some white people do. And it’s one of the things that I always told my son about. One of the things that I always believed. When the cops stop you and you’re the one black person in the car, with four white people, and you might be rocking out to all kinda booty music and all kinda hip hop and stuff, and everybody’s talking like dis and dat. When the cops stop you, those white boys are gonna turn white right away. (audience cheers)
Okay? Just saying, just saying. And that is the unfortunate reality that we’re facing in this country and in this world. And a lot of my people don’t even get it. And a lot of white people, you don’t get it. Being black is a 24 hour, 365 day job. (audience cheers)
It is a job. And you know what? And T.I., I don’t blame Iggy for turning white all of a sudden when she realized that, wow, my own people. No, I don’t, Marco. (audience laughs)
Why not? She’s white. She played black and then she went white. And now T.I. is still talking. T.I., shut up. Iggy, I get it. But I still only know two songs and a bunch of big mouth. (Norman and audience laugh) So do something. (audience applauds) So Lady Gaga, all right. There’s this thing going on and I am totally for the housekeeping. All right. This dress right here, which I find very beautiful. I find it beautiful. She wore that, as you can see, at the Golden Globes. It was made for her by Valentino. Well, somebody in Gaga’s team left the dress at the Beverly Hills Hotel. (audience exclaims) That’s the hotel where Whitney Houston passed away. All right, I’m just setting the stage, all right? You know I’m descriptive. (audience laughs) So anyway, so the maid comes and cleans up and found this gown. The maid has been working there for 24 years. So she returned it honestly to the lost and found. Uh-huh. Well apparently, the rule is at the Beverly Hills Hotel, that, Hilton, okay, two different places. Yeah.
Okay. Okay, I apologize. No one claimed the dress. And so the rule is that they have the dress. You know lost and found, it’s good to collect for like, 30 days or 60 days or 90 days, whatever it is. Nobody collected the dress. And they put all points bulletin out about this dress. So it was returned back to housekeeping, who was honest enough to put it in, as opposed to take it home and wear it. (Wendy and audience laugh) Or sell it on eBay. Or maybe she wasn’t proficient at what to do, but maybe she has a young daughter who’s like, uh-uh, we can cut this up and make a good prom dress. Lady Gaga’s DNA is all in it. No, she gave it to lost and found. So no one collected the dress, so the hotel gave it back to this housekeeper of 24 years, a loyal employee of the hotel. Well, the housekeeper gave it to a big, fancy auction house to sell. Good girl, good girl, good girl. ‘Cause you can’t sell it on your own. You give it to like, a Sotheby’s or something like that. So along with a hand-written note in English and Spanish, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. How we have this note, I have no idea. (laughs) (audience laughs) But there’s the note. Her name is Sara. All right, you see down there, Sara Corea. She tried to be honest. So the current bidding is at $8,000, which quite frankly, a Valentino worn by Lady Gaga custom-made for her, you would think that the bidding would start at like, $10,000. I mean, $8,000 is cheap in the bigger scheme of things. It’s dirty at the bottom, but you see where it could be. Because she’s dragging it along the ground. The problem is, now the dress is reported stolen. (audience exclaims) Okay. Enter the house of Valentino. Valentino has long since been dearly departed, but he’s got a house and the people run the house. The house of Valentino is reporting it stolen. I say, you know what, you’re dead-wrong for this. ‘Cause this is a stylist who, in the bigger scheme of being a Lady Gaga, she’s got thousands of dollars of dresses everywhere. By the way. Suzanne. Yes. What do you think my favorite outfit is in the front row? Oh, this lady right here.
Period, period. Yes, it’s unbelievable.
Period. Yup, yup.
Can we focus on her? Can you stand up and model that, just please? Stand up.
Just gimme some. (audience cheers) It’s a good one. How you doin’? Where can I get that dress? ASOS. ASOS.
Online. Thank you. It was 72, but I got a discount so–
$72? Yeah. Wow. I’d rather wear that than this. (audience cheers)
I would, I would. That’s a good one. Is that your friend? ‘Cause you’re second runner-up. Oh, thank you. Stand up. Do it. (audience cheers)
I saw you, yes. I’ll tell you what. The tickets are free to this circus. Go to wendyshow.com and dress the part. Thank you. (audience applauds) There’s a woman over there in my mother’s chair enjoying her retirement. Look at her, see? (audience cheers) Who’s that, me? (laughs) You’re never too old or too young. All you have to do is have a fun mindset and come one, come all to this circus. (audience applauds) All right, so, here’s my thing, Valentino house. You an have your dress back, but you better give this woman $5,000, made out to cash. She was honest.
(audience applauds) And hotel, you need to give her a week’s worth of vacation so she can gather her thoughts, spend a few dollars, and figure out what she’s gonna do with the rest. The auction house says that they’ve done nothing wrong and the auction is still continuing. (audience exclaims) You have until Thursday at 8:00 p.m. to bid. That’s all I’m saying. Yeah, that’s what they said. (audience applauds) You know? What happened to Future? I was about to talk about Future. Now that disappeared, we’re talking about Tokyo Toni? It’s, oh, about to be over? Yeah. Okay, we’ll get to Future and his eight kids with eight women. (audience exclaims) Ranging in age from 16 to three months. (audience exclaims) The first one refuses to be identified. We can’t find a picture of her. I can’t believe Ciara thought she was gonna lock it down with baby number four. In the past six months, Future’s had two children. (audience exclaims) Honey, honey, what a mess. And he’s only 35. No, but I wanna talk about Tokyo Toni, it’s very important. Look, the monitor’s going crazy, fortunately, I pay attention to everything. I could do this whole show without even looking at that. All right, all right, here’s Tokyo Toni, okay. So Tokyo Toni’s got this show and we were telling you about it. This is my friend, Blac Chyna’s mom, right? It is the most ratchet thing, bar none, that me and the entire bureau have ever seen in the 11 years of doing this show. Norman? Ever, like, the most ratchet thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And we see a lot. And we’ve seen a lot. (laughs) Okay. Okay. And for your pleasure, I’ve got a very edited version. ‘Cause it was hard to find out. (Norman laughs)
Right? Right, ah. Okay, well, nobody talk. Pull up to the TV, and take a look. It’s been over three years since I had a man. My friend, Lyrica, she sat up here and tried to find some (bleep) for me. White (bleep), all kinds of (bleep). I don’t know what the (bleep) she was thinking about. Because I’m just too hot for all of these (bleep). (dramatic music) I get to weave all through ’em. Because these men are all up in my house and I get to choose. So is you trying to pick my mama or not? It’s me running them hoes. Watch this young, little boy. [Man in Light Shirt] Holy (bleep), man. Get off me!
Wait a minute! (overlapping yelling and grunting) Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re old enough to know (bleep) better than (bleep). I’m here for you, baby. No, you can’t be with this (bleep). Get out my room! Would you tell your mom that you have a new girlfriend named Tokyo Toni that twerks, like to smoke blunts and (bleep) all day? (audience exclaims) I mean. (laughs) And you know what? I’m embarrassed to say, I’m here for it. Oh, and by the way, excuse me, and by the way, one of Future’s two kids who was born within the last six months, the little girl’s name is, now look, you follow me with this. Her first name is Led. Legend. No, her first name is Led.
Legend. Legend.
Uh-huh. Oh, right, and her middle name is Ary. Legend Ary. (laughs) (audience exclaims) You are gonna stop. Okay, back to Tokyo Toni. “Finding Love ASAP” premiers on November 10th on the Zeus network. And we got more great show for you, everybody. Up next, we’re gonna break down some of the craziest moments on reality TV. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh! Hi. So it’s time for Reality Rewind and here with the scoop on our favorite reality shows is entertainment journalist, our friend, Devyn Simone. Welcome back.
Hi Wendy. Thank you everyone.
(audience cheers) Still glowing from engagement. Still glowing from the engagement. All right, let’s talk about the “Jersey Shore”. Go ahead, Dev.
Okay, so “Jersey Shore”. If you guys remember, two weeks ago, Wendy and I, we were chatting about this. So Jenni and Angelina, her castmate Angelina, got in a huge fight over her boyfriend, Zack because Zack was flirting with, grabbing, groping, supposedly trying to make out with Angelina while they were in Vegas. You can take a look at that right there. Things got even crazier in the most recent episode of “Jersey Shore”, when Jenni finally confronted Angelina. Take a look. I’m not the one that’s kissing other men, showing my vagina, and oiling up–
I would never kiss somebody else, (bleep) I don’t even think your man’s hot. You made up a lie about me trying to kiss your boy because you wanna deflect ’cause your (bleep) boyfriend grabbed me. Okay.
Good luck with that guy. Now you’re trying to be grimy. I will never be a (bleep).
Put that (bleep) finger in my (bleep) face. Put that (bleep) finger in my (bleep) face again.
Okay, enough. See what the (bleep) happens.
Enough! I swear to (bleep) Christ, bitch. Swear to (bleep) Christ. Enough, enough, enough! (audience exclaims) Yeah, it got nasty. Did they ever make up? So they did not make up. So actually, it looks like Jenni initially broke up with her boyfriend, we call him 24 ’cause he’s 24 years old. But they got back together. It looks like Jenni and Angelina didn’t make up because Angelina had her bridal shower over the course of the weekend and didn’t invite Jenni or her BFF, Snooki. So it looks like they’re still going at it. All right, “Jersey Shore” airs, everybody, Thursday at eight on MTV. Irv Gotti, my friend, is talking about his affair with Ashanti. Yes. Well, who didn’t know this, Irv? Okay, everyone else is late to the party, go ahead. Right, so Irv Gotti, founder of record label, Murder Inc, brought us Ja Rule, brought us Ashanti. He’s thinking about doing a reunion tour, right? Which we all love, we wanna see. But he’s a little nervous about inviting Ashanti back. And on “Growing Up Hip Hop: New York”, he was discussing this with his ex-wife, Deb, and their two kids, about why he’s a little hesitant to bring Ashanti back into the mix.
Because she might slip into your bed? (audience exclaims)
Well, take a look at the clip right here. You know, I don’t (bleep) with Ashanti. We have spoke in I don’t know how long. You know, with Ashanti, it’s a delicate situation. She is a big part of Murder Inc. The fans want that, everybody wants that. It’s weird. Just how I have my version of what has happened with me and Ashanti, she has her version. And I have my version. We were still married, but we were separated when they were dating. When I found out, I was devastated because I was around her, my kids were around her. I’m a good chip off the old block, aside from the infidelities. You know, in my crazy mind, I thought that was life. This is my wife, this is my family, but this bitch is here to suck my (bleep) and– Irv, Irv!
I don’t wanna hear that. (audience murmurs) I don’t think she’s gonna wanna come back for the reunion after that. Well she needs to do something. Well, that’s true.
Might as well. We talked to Ja Rule about this and Ja Rule referred to her as sister. Now back when I was on radio, I couldn’t figure out which one of them was screwing around with Ashanti, was it Ja or Irv? But somebody was doing something. And I talked about it on the radio, but you all hated on me. But now see what’s happening? Go ahead. Yeah, you were right. (audience applauds) We’ll have to keep watching to see what happens with that, but she is a big part of Murder Inc, like, her songs were his, I don’t think–
She needs to go on tour. She needs to go on tour and just stay down the hall, leave them alone. And he’s mad at her, by the way, the reason they fell out is not ’cause they had the affair and she was doing the things to him. It’s because when he got caught up in court cases, she was not there to support him. So he’s mad that his side-piece didn’t support him.
Why, I’m not your wife, I’m there on my knees for you. We knew what this was when I signed up. I don’t have to be there, court with you. (audience applauds) Right?
Yeah, that’s true. “Growing Up Hip Hop: New York”, everybody, airs Thursday nights at nine on WE tv, quite entertaining. All right, so Dallas Housewives. When they’re on, sometimes I watch. I don’t know any of their names, but I watch. It’s getting good, Wendy. Okay, so one of them is accused of racism? Of being racist, it’s getting good. So Dallas Housewives, it was a slow start, a slow start, guys. But now I encourage you, check it out. So “Real Housewives of Dallas”, they just put out their mid-season trailer, showing what’s to come for the remainder of the season. And the new–
Wait. Clap if you watch. (audience laughs) Okay. I’m shocked. Okay, so I took a red eye back here last night, Wendy. I was watching the episode on my phone because it’s gotten juicy, guys. If you have the time, check it out.
They don’t care. So check it out, no, no, no. This is why, especially because hearing you guys’ opinion on this. So there’s a new housewife named Kary, right? And she is getting into it with LeeAnne Locken. LeeAnne’s like the Nene of the Dallas Housewives, right? (audience exclaims)
See, now you get it, okay. So they’re getting into it and their dislike comes to a head when LeeAnne starts referencing Kary’s ethnicity, she’s Mexican. So take a look at this clip and tell me what you think. Okay, uh-oh. I didn’t throw the first punch, that bitch did. Oh, oh, you’re giving me (bleep). Oh, she’s always (bleep) drama. Do you think LeeAnne made you feel a little guilty for hanging out with me more than her? Oh, 100%. I let Cameron do what she wanted to do. Oh, you let her? Wow, you let her. But the little chirpy Mexican has to have her way. She called you a chirpy Mexican. She called you Mexican. Come on Mexican! I thought you were all Mexican and strong! We can’t tolerate racism. That’s bull (bleep). That’s your opinion. It’s not my opinion, it’s everybody in the (bleep) country’s opinion, LeeAnne, for God’s sake. (audience exclaims) What do you think, Wendy? Do you think that that’s got hints of racism behind it, or what’s your perspective? I don’t care. (audience murmurs) (audience applauds) Everything’s racist these days. Everything’s racist. If you’re gonna watch, check out “The Real Housewives of Dallas”. That was a good report, by the way. Clap if you’re swayed by what Devyn is selling you. (few audience members applaud) All right, all right.
Thanks guys I appreciate it. The three and a half of you.
You got 10 cohosts. The three and a half of you. All right, tomorrow night at nine on Bravo. Okay, so look. We have a clip, it’s very exclusive, of “Temptation Island”. Yes. Now talk about this. I know the show, I’ve watched it before. What are we watching? Okay, “Temptation Island”, it’s where couples come to test their relationship. So there’s guys, four couples come in, you have the guys live in one house with 12 single women who are looking for love, and then you have the girls from the relationships live in another house with 12 single men who are looking for love. And the singles’ main purpose is to tempt them, okay? And these are people that are in relationships. So one of the couples is David and Kate. They’ve been together for three years. Kate wants to get married, but has trust issues. So they think it’s smart to go on this show. So it looks like, he failed though, the test of trust. Take a look at this exclusive clip. What?
What are we doing? I’ve never had a threesome before. Payton is breathing.
Me either. Payton wants to join. Things seemed to kinda take an extreme turn pretty quickly. You know, things kinda escalated pretty quickly. And I don’t know, things got a little wild. (dramatic music) I guess he does wanna break up with his girlfriend. (women squealing)
Oh my God! David?
Oh my God! Okay, so this relationship is over. It’s a hot mess.
And furthermore, I’m not tempted by any guys in my house, I’m going home. Yeah, absolutely. And moving on with my life. And by the way, his girlfriend did see the clip of that. How’d she react? At the end of the show, we have a screen grab of her facial expression. (audience exclaims) Okay. Yeah, but you knew. Can the audience clap if you ever go on a show like this with your significant other to test the relationship. (few audience members applaud) Same girl who said she’s gonna watch Dallas. Right, “Real Housewives of Dallas”. You’re off my team now.
All right, get out! You’re off my team.
Get out, get out! We don’t want that. “Temptation Island” airs, everybody, Thursdays at 10 on USA. Devyn Simone, you always bring us the best. (laughs) Thanks Wendy. Give it up for Devyn. Up next, everybody, we’ve got the hottest Halloween costumes and a little fashion show to prove it. Don’t go far. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) (upbeat spooky music)
(audience cheers) I’m going. Okay. Halloween is this week, and we’re here to show you the hottest costumes. And Good Housekeeping’s style director is gonna help us out. Her name is Lori Bergamotto, she’s been here a lot of times. (audience cheers)
How you doin’? Are you subliminally giving me witch? I’m part of the coven, yes. Fabulous. (both laugh) What are the biggest trends this year? So right now it’s all about throwback, what’s old is new again. And then we’re also seeing a lot of viral, I know you love a hot topic, so does Halloween. And most of the costumes that we’re gonna see today are from Spirit, which is the nation’s largest Halloween retailer, so really accessible for everyone to go get.
Okay, great. What’s first? So we’re gonna start with the Addams Family. So the first family of Halloween, as you know. And they’re back on the big screen, I’m sure you’ve seen all the posters and maybe even the movie.
From New Jersey. So here they come, come on out. I love it. How cute do they look? Love it, I love it.
I know, I love it too. It’s so cute. So we have Ryder right here as Morticia. She’s decked out in her signature black dress with the red roses.
Look at the little boy playing Uncle Fester. He’s got the eyeballs going. I see you. We love him, that’s Michael. Hi Michael, you’re doing good, Michael. Look at those eyes.
We’re gonna jump back to Gomez, so that’s Steven. And he’s got his signature pinstripe suit. We love his mustache and his black wig. Oh, look at that.
I love it. I love it.
And then Harper as Wednesday with her little pigtail braids and her skull.
She looks cute too. So adorable.
These are all dead-on. I mean, they’re so good, right? Colin is Pugsley, the oldest child, with his stripes. And he even has Thing, the hand, right? And I know you love Michael as Uncle Fester, so do we.
Michael. With his light bulb. He’s really in character. Yes, he is. And it wouldn’t be “The Addams Family” without Robert as Cousin It. We know you love a good wig. I love it. And that one is 48 inches long. Yes! I could do a lot with that.
We think the Addams Family looks adorable. Thank you, kids. (audience cheers)
Really cute. Okay, go ahead kids. Go ahead.
Thank you. Michael, Michael, go ahead, the show is over. Go ahead, go ahead, Michael. He’s gonna be Uncle Fester for life now, that’s it.
Okay, what’s next? This is so cute.
So the next of the family costume, baby shark. Do you know the song “Baby Shark”? No.
You guys all know this one? ♪ Doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ Whether you love it or hate it, it’s not going anywhere. And it’s inspired by the very catchy song. People are obsessed with it. What I love about it is that even if you don’t really wanna dress up for adult, you can wear jeans and it’s comfy. ♪ Daddy shark ♪ We’ve lost the audience to “Baby Shark”. But we have Jessica as mama shark. Jessica is in my IT department. Isn’t she adorable? She fills my after-show with Tristan. Jessica, this is my first time seeing your baby shark. And baby shark is–
At least in person. Oh my gosh, she’s grown so much.
That’s Tori, hi Tori. Aw, hi Jason. Jason’s one of my producers too! So Jason is daddy shark, and he’s got his little guy, Hunter. Hi, Hunter. And then of course– Michael Lee is my art director and you got your dog! We could not forget about Michael Lee as a dog dad. And he’s daddy shark to doggie shark. That’s Chief.
Dog dad. How cute is Chief? Oh, that’s Chief?
We love the baby shark for a family costume. All right, thanks you guys. Thank you.
How cute. (audience applauds) All right, what’s next? Okay, so girls’ night out. It’s so much fun to go out on Halloween with your girls, right? This one’s gonna surprise you. They’re gonna be dressed like a bunch of hoes? (audience laughs) Buckle up, Wendy, buckle up. Here we go. ‘Cause it is “The Golden Girls”. Oh, good, okay!
Okay? So everyone loves the ’80s TV show, “The Golden Girls”. Yes, perfect.
And it’s making a comeback. I love it.
And the costumes are so comfortable.
I love it. And easy, so I think they look pretty classy. The hardest part is gonna be figuring out which lady you are. So we have Rose, who looks sweet and innocent in her blue dress.
There’s, there’s– Blanche.
Blanche. Right? She’s the diva of the group in her bright jumpsuit. Uh-huh, there’s Dorothy.
Can’t forget Dorothy. In her pattern blazer and scarf. She’s gotta serve up a lot of sarcasm on Halloween though. And last, we couldn’t forget little Sophia in her floral dress.
I love the bag. With her brooch and her glasses. So picture it, Miami, 1988. We love this one.
This is a great costume. Isn’t it? And it’s really comfortable, ’cause you don’t wanna be uncomfortable on Halloween. It’s fun. And respectful. It is.
And funny. You all did a great job. We love the girls there.
What’s the last one? Okay, it wouldn’t be “The Wendy Show” if we didn’t have Hot Topics costumes, right? So we’re gonna do some Hot Topics, so come on out, guys. We’ve got some really viral stuff. Help me, help me!
Here it is. The blow-up alien abduction. Suzanne.
Help me! So it looks like you’re being carried away by an alien. And last month, people gathered in Area 51. Isn’t it? No aliens were found, but Suzanne found one. So we love that one on her. Is this expensive? This is a good costume.
No, it’s affordable. It’s affordable. And then we go to–
That’s a good one, Suzanne. We go to Lil Nas X. But Suzanne doesn’t come with it, guys, just so you know. She costs a lot.
Lil Nas X. Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. “Old Town Road” was the most viral song this summer. So blinged out vest and chaps, but then classic cowboy.
By the way, all of these models are here at “The Wendy Show”. That’s right, it’s a family affair.
This is my funny staff and ridiculous, like the show. And then finally, we have the last two costumes, which are sexy.
There you are. These are from yandy.com. So we have sexy Mr. Rogers.
You’re dead-wrong for that. And you talked– Nope, nope. You talked about this– It’s cute though.
In Hot Topics, remember? Look how firm my girls are.
I mean. I would not look like that in those costumes, Wendy. But that’s sexy Mr. Rogers, don’t forget the puppet hands. I can only do that part I think. And then the sexy sold-out chicken sandwich, which I think is hilarious. Playing off of Popeye’s, I know it. The chicken sandwich, which by the way, it’s still sold-out, but this costume is not sold-out. And you will be a hot seller in it. Or a hot mess, one of the two. You all did a great job. Okay, everybody, come on out. (audience cheers)
You have the best team. Lori, this is so good.
Thank you so much. Isn’t it fun?
You always do a good job. Yeah, your team is the best.
Thank you to Spirit Halloween. Pick up your copy of Good Housekeeping on newsstands now. We’ll be right back. So good. Happy Halloween. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh!
Sit down! (audience laughs) So Suzanne says to me, “And it’s got “a cooling fan inside, cooling my Area 51”. Yeah!
(audience laughs) Okay, look, it’s time for Ask Wendy. How you doin’? Hi Wendy, how you doin’? Well what’s your name, where you from? I’m Christine, I’m from Houston, Texas! Are you having a good time?
Yes! I am.
You having fun? Yes, I am.
How can I help you? Well my boyfriend of three years, he just found out that I’m an exotic dancer. Yeah, at a club, because his friend ratted me out. So he confronted me and I told him that I’m an Uber driver. (audience laughs) Okay, how old are you?
I’m 29. Do you guys live together?
No. Do you have children together? No. So this relationship is over. No.
okay, wait, wait, wait. Hold on now.
Okay. You’ve been with him for three years, how long have you been dancing? I’ve only been dancing for two years. Oh, only?
And it’s only for the money. I need to pay my car note off. But for two years out of a three-year relationship you’ve been deceptive about something real important. As in what do you do for a living? Yes. Okay, so this relationship is over. But I wanna–
But you’re 29. You can still get another. But don’t lead with lies, okay? You’re right, you’re right. Just saying, girl.
I’ll let it go. Okay.
All right, thanks Wendy. (audience applauds) Come on. How are you, Wendy? My name is Spence, I’m from Miami, how you doin’?
Prince? Spence. Spence, okay. So I see your crystal, you’re very spiritual. Kinda, a little bit. Now turn to the real you. Okay, all right. (audience laughs) All right, so here’s my situation. I’ve been dating this older chick for about like– Here we go. For about like a, say almost two years. It’s been just a sexual thing, nothing too serious. How old are you? I’m 27. Okay. Okay, she’s 53. (audience exclaims)
Okay, yeah, okay. (laughs) All right, so it’s only been sexual, we’ve been kicking it, everything’s been doing good. So recently, she told me that she loved me. (Wendy laughs) Wait, wait, but that breaks our little thing. It sort of messes things up, and so– Wait, look, so everybody can stare at you while you de-crystallize. I’m not gonna touch nothing. (audience laughs)
Don’t. I’m not gonna touch it.
Go ahead. And so, she told me she loved me. And I kinda said I loved her back, but I, no, no, wait, wait, but I didn’t mean it. (audience exclaims)
Why did you say it? ‘Cause I didn’t wanna mess up the moment. And so now– She finances you though? She sponsors me. (audience laughs) We’re grown, I understand what you mean. It’s cool. She should’ve known that 53, dating with a 27-year-old. But anyway. But it’s fun, we have a good time. So my question for you is, should I cut it off and lose my benefits? (audience exclaims)
Because she takes me on trips. Sit down.
(Spence laughs) Sit down, this is over. There’s a special place in Hell for people like you. (audience and Spence laugh) Don’t stay with her, okay? Put the crystal away, ’cause you are not a crystal-wearing man.
(Spence laughs) Sit down. There we go. Two relationships broken up, only at Wendy. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Charlotte is my eye-candy (laughs) and she’s a breast cancer survivor. (audience cheers) Charlotte, I’m just laughing at what was all going on during the commercial break.
Yes, yes. How you doin’, Wendy? The stripper stood up and rubbed– Yes, I saw all of it.
Her booty all over Marco. Yes. (laughs) We got Aladdin back there. But we have you, and the most important thing is that you’re a breast cancer survivor. Yes!
And you are my eye-candy. (audience cheers) So where are you from, what do you do? So I’m from New Jersey, I’m a nurse. So six months after my breast augmentation, I found a lump in my breast. Uh-oh!
Yeah. So I went to the doctor, they said everything was fine, don’t worry about it. And a year passed, went back to the doctor, and the lump tripled in size and I was diagnosed. Did you feel it tripling in size? No, not really. As a nurse? I know, but when you live with it every day, you don’t really feel it. So I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer at only 30 years old. Yeah, went through chemo, was really rough, Wendy. I lost all my hair. My daughter was definitely my strength throughout treatment. But I’m happy to say that after my double mastectomy, I had no more cancer left in my body and I’ve a five-month cancer survivor. (audience cheers)
Five-month. Here’s you diva fan, Charlotte. And also, we’re going to give you a $300 gift card. You can spend it wherever you want. Yes, thank you.
Congratulations on surviving. Thank you.
We’ll be right back. Nice job. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) (audience laughs) Flew all this way from San Francisco, you better give it up. Tickets are free, go to wendyshow.com. We’ll be right back. (audience cheers) Every day it’s the same thing. This is the best. Tomorrow LisaRaye McCoy is here. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on “Wendy”, bye. (audience cheers) How you doin’? Nice! (jaguar growls)


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