Typhoon Lagoon Water Park & Magic Kingdom! Walt Disney World ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Goodmorning everyone. Today we will start our day at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.
– Let’s have a swim. Yes, swimming at the waterpark that I’ve only have seen on videos. And now, I finally can experience it by myself. Are you joining us? Jor, what a great entrance! Isn’t it? Yes
– All these themed decorations over here! And some flowers.
– All those flowers. But there was a big typhoon over here. And now there is ravage over here. But as they say, ” The storm is over, the coast is clear. So come and see the view from here!” Well, let’s go. We just bought a locker for today. It was 10 Dollar for the whole day. And so we can put our stuff over there and take it out of it whenever we want. Great service. Right Jor? You can use it whenever you want. Good job.
– Yes. But before we ‘re going to swim, we will show you how beautiful it is over here. Look, the lazy river. This is the big bath. The bath from the big wave. Disney details everywhere. Yes, and over here it’s waiting for the big wave. I’m excited. Let’s go. For me, it would be no problem to get saved today.. Jor, it’s so beautiful over here.
– Yes. It’s great. You can experience so many great things over here. A lot.
– Swimming, Gliding and chilling. Letting a lovely wave drown you. Yes, let’s do that.
– For sure. Look, everywhere you can see some stuff like this due to the big typhoon. Yes, it truly is Disney. I can hear a song that they’re are always playing at Adventure in Paris. Love it. All these lovely beds in the sand. Very relaxed, right Jor?
– Yes indeed.
– Very relaxed atmosphere. Before we’re going to swim. Time for a Frozen lemonade. And then we will start our journey here. And now we’re going to put the camera and phones in our locker and we will go enjoy our day here. We will take the GoPro.
– And we will make a vlog with some bad quality.
– Yes. Excited. Bye.
– Bye. There it is. I’m just going into the water and it’s already starting… Unbelievable. Well, there’s the wave already. What just happened? Oh guys, what an incredible wave. Well guys, that was the big wave. There it comes again! Help, help. We’re so deep into the water. This is so amazing. It pulled me all the way over here. Oh yes, the red line is there and we we’re in front of it. 8 meter for sure. Love it. So lovely. You know Mr. Bean and Home Alone?
– Yes? I just got that.
– That scream? No.
– Ohhh your pants? Here we are. Waiting for another wave. It’s a great view that we got over here. Beautiful palm trees. Beautiful rocks over there. Davey that’s doing crazy. There it comes again. Look, there is Davey. And he is going to end up over here and I….. I will end up over here. And Davey ended up where I just stood. Yes, got that. What a wave. We can show you 380 times how amazing this is. But now we will stop this. Well, that was fun. Well, we were affraid that the GroPro was dead. Maybe later today that will happen. But yeah.. We still got the videos.
– Yes, now we’re going to the lazy river. This is nice, right?
– Yes indeed. Well, Jordy is on his way. All those lovely sprinklers. It’s a good recovery after 12 days here at Walt Disney World. I’ve lost Jordy. No idea where he is right now. But we will see. This is cold. Those are really cold. Omg. What’s that over there?? What?
– A waterfall. Not sure if I’m gonna like that. Now you’re going to join me. I’m laying and enjoying the lovely sun here in Orlando, Florida. Typhoon Lagoon, Disney, Disney World. There is Davey. Unfortunately he is also here. But I love it. Don’t bump my head on those rocks. But this is so good. And then you’ll see. I’m drowning.. In front of a Men as guard. I like those ladies. They’re looking pretty good! Look, all these palm trees and the sun. Love it. Guys.. Those guards. Look. Too cute. Nothing wrong with it. Why I’m stuck? Why I’m not moving? I think it’s broken. This ride is broken. Yes, it’s broken. Hello foot.
– Hello toe. How are you?
– I’m fine, and you? Yeah, me too. What are you doing today? I’m just swimming, and you? Me too. What are your plans for today? I’m also going to Magic Kingdom today. And you? That’s strange, me too.
– Okay, see you over there. Enjoy your meal, Jor. We’re at a restaurant called something with “Typhoon Tilly’s”. And we both choose a delicious meal. I got a combo shrimps and fish. And Jor has a chicken wrap with housemade tortillias They’re good?
– Yes.
– So we’re gonna have a delicious meal over here. Fresh. Those fried shrimps are so good! Good?
– Yes. I have to say that this is really good. And we got some sauce for the fish. Delicious. He we got that delicious meal. It was so good, right Jor?
– Yes, a good wrap and you got some good shrimps. Yes, so good. Delicious shrimps.
– Fried shrimps. Look over here. Here is the lazy river where we just were. The atmosphare in this parks is so good. Where do we have to go?
– That way. Your not very good in fining your way, right?
– Orientation. No indeed.
– No. Okay, it’s very painful to walk over here with bare feet. This is for the children, Jordy That wave.. I don’t know if you could imagine right now how fast that wave is going, but luckily we got some footage from inside the water to show you. But it’s so good. This is fun. Now we have to wait for Davey. There he is. In the middle. We’re going to another slide. That one is on the top that mountain. Now I have to find the way. I really need to find out where everything is in this park. Because I was walking the wrong way. Well, that happend. That was fun. What’s this? I can’t see where I’m going. That was fun. Well, that was our day at Typhoon Lagoon. Yes, what a good day.
– A really nice water park. Already an amazing day. It’s now 15:00 in the afternoon. We’re leaving now but the park is open until 17:00. So we can have a fun evening at one of the other Disney parks. Well, I’m refreshed. This was a great experience.
– Love it. We really need to come back the next time. What do you think?
– That’s a great idea. Oh Magic Kingdom, we’re back. You got some other clothes on?
– Yes, only another pants, same shirt. Suddenly I’m wearing another shirt. We just went to our hotel. Unbelievable. We’re gonna have a good evening here at Magic Kingdom. Well, Disneyland Paris. This is a hot dog at Casey’s corner. Look. With Macaroni and cheese on top, delicious. So you have to do it, Disneyland Paris. After our diner we ran into the Move it, Shake it dance it street party. So amazing. And so many characters. So amazing. Now we’re going to Tomorrowland for our Fastpass from Space Mountain. And that’s always fun. Well, Jor. Space Mountain. Here we go. Love it. Just waiting. Let’s go. And that was the attraction. Amazing, right?
– Yes. Good ride. I’m dizzy. Well Jor, you can’t avoid the Tea cups when they’re a walk on. Right? And it’s just cool to say that you’ve done the Tea cups in thre different parks. Here we go. Well, after the tea cups with Jordy I’m dizzy. But now we’re going on the… What’s the name? The Walt Disney World Railroad I guess? And let’s go on a trip with the train. Always fun. Behind this they’re building a new attraction. The Tron coaster, like the one in Shanghai. But you can’t see something. Only some constructions and some ground. Well, the train brought us to Frontierland.
– Well, that’s unbelievable. No, indeed. Splash Mountain, I love it. The problem is that’s too late right now. And we’ve been at a water park the whole day. Otherwise I went immediately on it. I think we got a Fastpass for it tomorrow, so that’s fine. 50 Minutes right now.
– 50 Minutes right now? Bizar, but everyone wants to visit the laughing place. Now it’s time for a “must do”. They had this also in Anaheim but now it’s gone over there. But it’s still here. The country bear jamboree. Jor, this is nostalgia for a lot of people. So we have to experience. No idea. He got no idea what to expect. I know a little bit. I’m curious. Well, that was the country bear jamboree. Check. I think, it’s not that special. I can understand that a lot of people would love it. But I think that most of what they like is the nostalgia. And we don’t have that. But it was special to see all these animatronics. It was fun, for sure. We laughed.
– And haven’t cried.
– No idea. Okay, we’re just relaxing here in Tomorrowland. And I will show you this. You should think, “What a cute cup with lovely mickey straw”. It was such a struggle to drink this delicious strawberry smoothie. Jordy is still struggling. Jor, it’s a struggle. Right?
– Yes, I can’t get anything. He is trying but nothing comes out of it. You reallt have to do your best and then you could enjoy your strawberry smoothie. This is such as amazing to see as Jordy who..
– Don’t mention the Turkey leg.
– is eating the turkey leg. Over there is the space. The peoplemover. More of the peoplemover. And behind me, as you can hear, is the Tomorrowland speedway. And we’re going on that soon. But this was a struggle. But we’ll keep the straws. The last one has to learn a lot of things. You saw him? Boing boing boing.
– I wanna see you there. Stop it. I can drive. Already got my license for five 5 years. I can do this. There we go. Tomorrowland speedway. Here we are. Jesus christ. There is Davey in front of us. Well, here I am in the Tomorrowland speedway. Jordy behind us. Hi Jor. He is going so fast. Driving with one hand is so hard.. Happily Ever After just started over there. Some accidents are about to happen when you don’t put your attention on this. What a great experience in the Tomorrowland speedway. Happily Ever After just started. Believe me, this is so incredible. Very nice. Behind me is Happily Ever After going on. And it’s so nice. Look. Unfortunately I have to drive now. Not a really good combination. Driving and vlogging. Timing. Now I’m a happy little Davey who loves fireworks and is driving in a car. Soooo amazing. What an experience with these fireworks. Also in Tomorrowland you got a good view for the fireworks. It seems to be closer. I think it actually is. Great experience. Jor, I like it that they put everywhere the music from the show on in the park. Yes, look over there. Beautiful. The show is almost over. And the stand-by line is 30 minutes right now. But I know from D-Tales that that’s not true. And they’re right. Because we’re almost at the end of the line after 5 minutes. Walk on during the fireworks. Really do this when you wanna do this ride. And you can have a great experience outside with all those fireworks. We can go, unbelievable. This is absolutely the best attraction here at Magic Kingdom. Seven dwarfs mine train. Just a walk on during the end of the fireworks. And it’s also a walk on after the fireworks. There is almost no line right now. So amazing that we were able to this during this evening. Over there is restaurant. Cinderella’s royal table. Very nice. I would love it to eat over there once, but not during this trip because it’s complete full. Something for in the future. Well, that was our evening at the Magic Kingdom. What a great day. Typhoon Lagoon and Magic Kingdom. I love it here. Once again, I will never leave this place. And we saw all the Main Street Dioramas when we left the park. Something that’s so amazing. They got it in Anaheim and here. That’s something we really miss in Paris. I want that. So nice. Once Upon A Time is going on right now. But we’re leaving the park right now. It’s just 3 minutes before closing. Guys, see you tomorrow. Till the next one.
– Till the next one.
– Bye. Omg, Davey is falling.

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