USA Travel Guide: Asheville & Charleston | Little Grey Box

USA Travel Guide: Asheville & Charleston | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys Phoebe here from Little Grey Box
with Matt behind the camera and today we are on tour with the guys at
Intrepid Travel and Travel South USA because we are exploring the southern USA states
of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Now in our last
video we spent an amazing 24 hours in Nashville so if you haven’t seen that go
back and watch it and then come back right here so you are all caught up
because in this video we are going to Asheville and Charleston, woohoo! (music) To help you travel well we’re gonna be
sharing all our experiences and travel tips along this journey, now you guys if
you don’t already be sure to subscribe and say hello in the comments below Our day today started in Nashville where we climbed into our Intrepid tour van and we
did a bit of a road trip driving right here to the Great Smoky Mountains National
Park now I think that drive took around four and a half hours maybe five with a
couple of stops on the way it’s gone really quickly the drive is really easy
if you’re thinking about hiring a car and doing a road trip yourself I would
recommend we have had such a nice day already today and it is only just the beginning
and look at that picnic set up behind us (music) So! The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
is the most visited national park in the US and when you tell people that they’re
usually like what you know I thought it would be Grand Canyon or Yosemite, but
I don’t know if you noticed when we came in we didn’t have to pay an
entrance fee. Back in the 1900s the legislature of Tennessee passed a law
saying that it was illegal to put any tolls on a road that crossed over the
Appalachian Mountains because that would make it harder to get to Tennessee the
other reason why this is the most visited national park is that it is
within a day’s drive of about 65 percent of the population of the US. Tonnes of
different wildlife here, you have elk you have black bears when you have a lot of
trees especially deciduous trees they kind of create their own atmosphere or
their own like microclimates so when you come out here at like early morning late
evening you get these like tendrils of fog that creep through the mountains and
it gives off this really like purplish glare to the hills in the background so that’s why
they’re called the Great Smoky Mountains (music) You guys this is beautiful Mikaela our
Intrepid Tour Travel Guide and she’s gonna tell you all about our next stop. So right now we are at Clingmans Dome which is the highest point in the Great
Smoky Mountains National Park it’s at about six thousand, six hundred feet so
roughly two thousand meters we are in the greater Appalachian
Mountain Range that stretches all the way from Georgia to Maine and the mountains
that you would see in Scotland and Northern Ireland are part of this same
mountain chain so it was formed before the continents split apart so… its a
pretty cool and unique area (music) (drum-circle music) All right so we had a huge travel day today, we drove
a really long way and we are only just getting taste of Asheville this evening we will
be doing more tomorrow But this is a really fitting start, every Friday
night they have a drum-circle which kicks off about 5 or 6pm right in
this park in the heart of downtown Asheville So if you are lucky enough to be here on a Friday
be sure to come down here and check it out I think it’s really reflective
of the vibe here in Asheville This place is known as being the San Francisco of this region, very artsy, very hippy, very cool, very laidback So get amongst it, BYO drum
and enjoy the drum-circle Our dinner here in Asheville is at a local Vegetarian restaurant called the Laughing Seed now you guys their menu is chock full of vegetarian
options, everythings vegetarian but they have loads of vegan and gluten-free options too so if
you do have some dietary requirements this spot’s ya jam and it’s my jam and
the menu looks amazing and this is what has come out. This is my Tostada Ensalada
with vegan ranch, all of this is vegan it just looks and smells incredible, I’m so
excited to eat it and because I’m an animal and out of control, I made Matt share his burger with too, so I’m also going to have some of this… Look at the smile on my face
I’m so happy! That is fantastic! (music) Good morning you guys so we are waking up in
Asheville this morning and we are starting our day a really cool way now
this is the local farmers market it is held every Saturday from morning until noon
and you won’t forget where it is, it’s a market on Market Street and this is just
fantastic I mean I can’t tell you how lovely the locals are it’s such a
distinctly welcoming inclusive community feel here I absolutely love it there is
so much beautiful fresh produce gluten-free cakes, artisanal breads, gorgeous flowers cute dogs this is just a really good spot (music) With a population of around 92,000
people, Asheville is a place that truly embraces its Appalachian
mountain heritage there’s a great art and music scene, plenty of craft
breweries and great wine now this is all set against the stunning backdrop of the
Blue Ridge Mountains. We have loved our time here and it’s only been very brief
and I wish we had longer but this video is not over because we are about to jump in the van and we are going to head out to Charleston (music) We have arrived in South Carolina, we
are in Charleston staying at the KOA Campground now as you can see there’s a
lot going on behind me we are setting up our campground. Now the camping
experience can be a typical part of an Intrepid tour and I love it this is
really fun it’s nice to kind of mix it up between lodgings and campgrounds so
let me show you around a little bit then Michaela is set up our kitchen area here
so this is all under cover in case it rains we’re gonna be cooking dinner here
we’ve got ice-cold beers great food we’re gonna have a campfire…
if you are doing an Intrepid tour they will supply the tents for you but you
will need to bring the rest of your gear if you are going to buy things from
Walmart and you’re only going to use it once just make sure that you find a
local charity that you can donate all of that kind of stuff to
once you are done with it lest it goes to waste there are people who
really need it could really benefit from shelter and warmth and comfort. Here it
is Michaela’s been chopping wood we’re really excited we’re got a delicious
dinner planned, then we’ve got all of these tents set up around me everyone’s been
putting those up… Tori who’s just scampering up in the background did an
incredible job by herself and Matt and I have set up a little love nest over
here it’s meant to be a four-man tent that would be a bit of a tight fit we’ve got
some inflatable mats for a bit of cushioning we’ve got our suitcases in
the middle I mean it’s really the best place to put them and then we’ve got our
sleeping bags and our pillows all set up it’s really muggy so I have a feeling
we’re gonna have this open just remember there are alligators in the south and
there are alligator warning signs up by the water so obviously you can’t go swimming
in there to cool down just keep that in mind so as part of our camping
experience we are of course making our own dinner we are in team A
so we are gonna cook tonight and Team B are gonna wash up tonight and
then tomorrow we’ll switch roles we are making a delicious pasta dish, it’s
gonna be gluten-free vegan option available It’s all happening! (music over indistinct chatter) Low and slow, that’s the South USA way (music) Founded in 1670 Charleston is
South Carolina’s largest and oldest city and it’s known for its
beautiful cobblestone streets horse-drawn carriages and pastel-coloured
antebellum houses it’s also home to the federal stronghold of Fort Sumter where the first shots of the Civil War rang out (music) So shortly after its founding Charleston became very wealthy very quickly because of the indigo and the rice trade later on tobacco and cotton
as well, of course, this is all done entirely because they enslaved Africans
but because it grew so quickly and it was in like a port city it accumulated a
lot of wealth the wealthiest city in the the colony by the 1700s and because of
that they were the first to like bring a lot of like culture over to the U.S. so
this is the Dock Street Theatre one of the first theatres in the Americas (music) We are doing something really special this morning, we are doing a Gospel Brunch at Halls Chophouse So something I have really been loving on
this trip is trying Southern Food I mean is legendary and I was so excited to get into the scene
and you guys it has not disappointed every meal we’ve had has been fantastic
and this one is no exception My food is delicious they did me up a big veggie
plate they’ve been so accommodating of all our dietary needs so I want to say thank you
to Halls Chophouse and everybody who’s helped us food we can eat, now I’ve got some
I’ve got greens here, I’ve never had collared greens before I just took my first bite
and they are delicious with the fried potatoes, Matt’s gone for the
breakfast eye fillet mignon with a side of eggs and I’m gonna let you in on a little secret
in my handbag here my little secret weapon Habanera hot sauce It’s soooo good down there is a French toast like
nothing I’ve ever seen before everything is tasting delicious and is
washed down perfectly with a brunch Mimosa (amazing gospel music) (I mean! Listen to that voice!!!) (amazing gospel music) I am blown away you know places in
Europe often throw it off as being particularly romantic spots like Paris
but I have to tell you Charleston has this incredibly old-world elegance romantic
charm to it it is absolutely beautiful I feel like Scarlett O’Hara Debutant Ball
it’s so beautiful the houses everything is so charming and lush and green and
then the people are absolutely lovely it has taken me by surprise I didn’t expect it
to be this amazing and while this is all part of our Intrepid Travel tour of course
but this would be a great addition to any itinerary for a road trip through the
Southern USA states I think I could easily spend four or five days here it’s
absolutely beautiful but if you are short on time two would
be a good number (music) Come down to East Bay Street and you’ll
find Rainbow Row! so this is a beautiful collection of pastel colored
antebellum houses and not only are they beautiful and straight out of your
Instagram fantasies they are full of history and some of them I believe you
can actually get into to visit but even if you don’t want to do that it is well
worth coming along and strolling this street just to soak in the history and
then go for a little bit of a walk along the water’s edge as well We are at Boone Hall Plantation
a place with direct ties to the South’s history of slavery
Matt and I believe it’s incredibly important to pay something like this the respect
it deserves and not in any way diminish or trivialize it. Travel has
given us incredible opportunities to learn from visiting concentration camps
in Germany to the Killing Fields in Cambodia each one has been an opportunity
for us to learn to humanize the history to better understand the
struggles of others and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for what
other people have gone through It isn’t about guilt, it isn’t about shame
and for us we don’t mind coming here because it’s an opportunity to learn
and better ourselves as humans Boone Hall is one of America’s
oldest working plantations continually growing crops
for over 320 years it features a large colonial revival
plantation house and historic Avenue of the Oaks The plantation includes a slave
Street with nine Antebellum brick cabins built between 1790 and 1810 and a slave
Street such as this one is considered be a rarity there are also guided tours
that you can join and I would really recommend that you to it’s going to give
you some valuable insight into the history and help you trace the struggles
of those who lived here (music) After a big day of exploring we are back
here at our campsite and you would just not believe how beautiful it is here
we’ve got some cold beers we are going to sit around the campfire with our new
friends and just enjoy our last night here in Charleston because
tomorrow we are off to Savannah but not before we have our campfire and
our last camp dinner together (music) after that delicious dinner that brings
this video to an end you guys I really hope you have enjoyed it now if you
don’t already a be sure to subscribe and say hey y’all in the comments below have
a great weekend and I’ll see you next week Love ya!


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