Vacation 2019 – Our Wyoming Life heads to Idaho Falls & Grand Tetons

hi I’m Mike we all need a break whether
you realize it or not often times it’s Aaron who realizes that we need to want
more than anything and each year she gets together with our neighbors and
friends Nick and Stephanie and plans to get away from the wrench now it may last
only a few days but it’s our only vacation from our Wyoming life welcome back and thanks for coming along
as we get a chance to leave the ranch and it’s a very rare thing when you live
and and work in the same place there’s there’s really no escape and it’s easy
to get used to it and that lack of separation
well it’s eventually gonna get to you and that’s where I can depend on Aaron
to know that that time is coming luckily our neighbors and some of our best
friends have the same trouble they can Stephanie have their own electrical
company here in town and Nick will be the first to tell you that you have to
get away for him it really is a question of sanity although some would argue that
he doesn’t have a whole lot left anyway so this year Aaron and Stephanie have
planned a trip for us to head out west over the Rocky Mountains and eventually
to Idaho Falls Idaho a place that we’ve never been but one that will definitely
not be the ranch the kids are coming along along with Nick and Stephanie’s
daughter Lanie and we’re off on our family vacation of 2019 and I almost
left my purse this year we’re taking the
mother-in-law’s RV she was happy enough to let us travel in
it and it makes all the difference when traveling with kids and Nick Idaho Falls
is 500 miles away about nine hours up and over the Rocky Mountains now driving
is something you get used to in Wyoming where the average distance between towns
of five thousand or more people is right around 100 miles in fact in the entire
state of Wyoming there are only 11 Walmart’s and two Sam’s Clubs so we’re
used to driving but that trip up and over the mountains is still something
you have to get used to as we pass almost ten thousand feet and we
encounter something we haven’t seen in days snow it’s not it’s know that it’s back down
the other side and up again until we arrive almost six hours later at what
some say is the most beautiful site in Wyoming the Tetons and the Grand Teton
at an elevation of almost 14,000 feet the Tetons span over 40 miles an hour 12
miles wide on the edge of Jackson Hole these mountains have been the setting of
many westerns including the big trail and the Western classic chained in 1953
today it’s a stop for us and a reminder of the almost surrealistic beauty of
Wyoming I sometimes picture Buffalo wandering
this Prairie hundreds of years ago and I can only feel humbled and very lucky to
be a part of this and to be standing here today these are the scenes that
make our past and I can’t help but wonder over the eyes that have set sight
here before or those that first came through this valley to be stopped in awe
and wonder to have something like this come out in front of you unexpected
these are the moments that you never forget and I and I think that’s how it
is even for kids who may not quite fathom what they see but everything for
them is the first time and everything is amazing as we hit the road again I’m
also reminded to see the world as a kid and to be amazed because it can be
amazing so here’s a little secret about Wyoming if you don’t live in Jackson you
don’t really think of it as part of Wyoming it’s its own little bubble a
tourist destination surrounded by those that can’t afford to live there and as
we drive through that’s what it is and on Abee with traffic
about 10 hours after leaving home we arrive in Idaho Falls and head straight
for our home away from home a small house on the outskirts of town where we
will call our base of operations as we venture out and explore the area for a
few days I don’t earn the kinsey and I’m gonna be giving you a tour of the house
that we’re gonna be staying in this is the kitchen doing our baking and where
everybody’s moving in their lives in the kitchen this is the living room only and
Gracie will be staying we have a bed right here so next we have for mommy and
daddy and Lincoln on this day and you hope you want to do just downstairs is
the bedroom area where crazy Lincoln or hanging out and then we have another
bathroom right here and that’s just a closet then we have another this room I will
look lady is saying in this one pretty sure he epic Lanie Nick and Stephanie
are in here and that’s pretty much the rest that’s pretty much all the house hey Dad yeah do you want to start a
cooking Sean our wyoming life I’m sure okay so you gotta explain to us
what we’re doing here I got one steak from the ranch and put it on the grill one steak for everybody are they all gonna fit we’re gonna make
them fit little little pepper little salt little more salt pepper different
flavors and we got some vegetables going it’s intense oil not 100% sure what
touch the moon and we’re just gonna close this up let it cook for a little
bit keep drinking this and we’ll see what happens
yes so after we’ve had one refill of this we have flip the steaks and now
this is on the opposite side what are you putting on their little girl exalt nothing and then we open that one now find out why you have to flip these
well if you cook them on one side will be totally black and raw on the other
side hence flipping a steak okay I’m sure there’s a science and everybody
does it different we’re all hungry and this is the girl we have to work on so
we’re gonna eat soon okay so what’d you make
apparently we made some broccoli onions carrot medley it’ll be fabulous do you
smell that it smells delish but it’s not until
after dinner and the next day when we get our
vacation really started where we’ve been invited to come check this place out
tool and then there’s sharks there’s fish there’s losers there’s Turtles and
all kinds of cool stuff that the kids are going to love and we might find
shocking as this is Rufus he’s an African porcupine
and hangs out here at the East Idaho aquarium you can come visit him anytime
he’s friendly and he loves to be petted he’s a welcome surprise as we get a
chance to explore what we rarely get to see from rescue parents to stingrays and even the electric eel check this out so if you touch these two
things make it you can turn that’s a shock but it’s like a blow like
a buzz good ORF icees we found the aquarium to be one of the
highlights our trip the kids loved it and we encourage you to stop by if
you’re ever in the area and say hi to Rufus also our days on vacation are
mostly spent just finding adventure when aaron spots a dairy farm beside the road
we get a chance to stop by and explore meet some of their animals well because
you never can escape the power of the cow each day on vacation we head out if
one day visiting a zoo the next of flight museum but always making sure
it’s about seeing what we don’t get exposed to at home
we take to the road again heading into Montana visiting the Museum of the
Rockies and celebrating next birthday on the road as well all right Micah wish
well I’m a big kid okay ready clean you fool them out with your telekinetic
powers another wonderful surprise that happened
on the way home was that grace hit a milestone in her life on the trip she
lost her first tooth Peggy smile she’s okay she’s a little
shy right now okay let’s go sit down okay but after four
days it is time to get home where life is waiting for us back on the ranch so we’re back home and now it’s time to
get everything unpacked and out of the RV maybe start a little laundry and its
back so after four days away I’m actually I’m ready to be home it’s hard
not to be and you eventually start thinking about all the things that need
done and as nice as it would be to travel the countryside and have
birthdays and lose teeth together the kids and then someday me eventually you
have to come back to real life hanging begins in just days we’re waiting for a
few days to roll by so we can get to nice weather to actually get rolling you
can imagine how frustrating it can be to just start out and then get rained out
so while we wait a bit for the rain to pass well then it’s time to go go go and
we hope that you can be with us as we start harvest cutting breaking and
bailing hundreds of acres for the cows to eat all winter long but that’s next
time until then have a great week and thanks for joining us in our Wilding
life you

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