Valencia Old Town | Photography Travel Vlog | Ep.2 Travels With My Camera

Valencia Old Town | Photography Travel Vlog | Ep.2 Travels With My Camera

[Sigh] There we go. Let me just get comfy. Hold on a
minute! Hold your horses. Slurp of tea. Welcome
to episode two of my vlog series Travels With My Camera when I’m traveling around Spain. In this episode I’m up bright and early and
heading out with my cameras into the old town of Valencia. I like to travel light
when I’m wandering around, certainly in a new city, and I’ve got my Nikon D800 a
wide-angle zoom with me and a 50 mm lens as well. The trusty nifty 50. It’s a real
underrated lens actually but I love using it. It was my first time visiting
Valencia and it’s a beautiful city full of amazing buildings, narrow streets and
really friendly people. So I hope you enjoy the episode and if you’ve got any
questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. So sit back relax and enjoy. Hola from Spain everyone. Welcome to my Spanish adventure. Good morning everyone how is England doing
this morning cos Spain is looking beautiful. Give me a heads up.
Comment “Hi Scott, good to see you back!” I’m back My Babies it’s
been a busy couple of weeks but I am back. Well I’m back in Spain or I’m over
in Spain I don’t know how we are going to word this one. Good morning,
Andy the lensman’s in the house how are you? Hi how you going?
Comment “Great clouds in Southampton.” Hey, look at these clouds up here. But they won’t be
hanging around long here! Comment “Sunny day in Birmingham.” Hey how you doing? Nice and
sharp is the sound good? Let me say a proper
hello to everyone by the way. Good morning, good morning. I am in sunny
Spain and up early this morning. I’ve got my hat and sun cream on. They reckon it’ll be about 32 celsius by about 4 o’clock. Yeah, yeah no shorts on yet
as I’m saving those. Can you hear the church bell?
[Bell Chime] It’s 10 o’clock in Spain and I’ve had my coffee this morning. And I’ve been out and about wandering around and I thought I’d take you on a quick tour for about 10 to 15 minutes of the area
that I’m in now. Let me just swing this around. So , Nord Station absolutely. We
arrived last night about five o’clock Thank You EasyJet you did a great job looking after us. We got a taxi here and we are staying in the old part of Valencia which is absolutely beautiful. You’re from Valencia? you’ll be able to
tell us then. love it busy’s good oranges Love it, busy is good and oranges, argh. My Spanish pronunciation is terrible!
I tried to order a coffee this morning and the guy was in hysterics. So I use Google translation. so I kind of type it in So I kind of type in their. [Funny Noise] I’m getting there. Let’s have a little explore. [Fast Talking] [Music Starts] Good Morning Day 1 in Valencia, we arrived yesterday
and had a good trip. We went out last night for some food and I’m up early this morning as I want to explore. Although I could have done with more sleep. I could also do with a nice cup of coffee but instead we’re gonna go wandering around. I’m in the old
part of Valencia the old city. There are so many beautiful buildings down here. So we’re gonna go for a stroll and see what we can find. [Music] Look at this statue and the orange tree’s behind it. I took a photograph of it earlier. And look the Sun is just coming up. Sunday morning here at the moment so its still quiet. [Bell Chime] So last night we were here and we
had a little drink just around here. It was absolutely packed
here! I mean it was Saturday night but it was really really busy and lively. I’m
not sure whether it be as lively this evening. There was guys playing
trumpets and marching through here and it was crazy but it was good crazy and
great fun. And this is a fountain here which was absolutely stunning (last Night) So I hope this evening it will be on as it was all lit up. But I was just so tired last
night it was just a matter of getting out have something to eat and then go
back to the hotel. All this was lit up and the water was everywhere. Looks lovely with that blue sky above it. I have the wide-angle lens on today. Se all the reflections in the water of the buildings around. It’s quite nice just here. Look at the light here the light is beautiful. The morning light will just awaken the city. And it’s amazing do you see? You get these lovely dark shadows in amongst the buildings and although there’s cloud, we have a lovely golden light. Can you see that golden light just up here? It just lights up the top of those buildings. By later on it will be so hot down here
I’m gonna be melting! Look at this building here, absolutely stunning. [Scott Laughs] Oh, coffee! We walked past here last night and they were still open at about ten o’clock in the evening. Amazing pastries. Yeah, I defiantly need a coffee. Lets go and take a look. Look at the ice cream here. Well, I found a coffee, I managed to order a nice cappuccino. It looks good. My Spanish is
terrible but its getting there. Thank goodness for Google Translate. Look at this, isn’t it lovely this morning. I’m so in need of coffee.
This threw me but thank goodness the guy speaks English, because he said it in
Spanish first! It turns out that there’s a password to get
into the toilet. So anyway he’s given me the password on
a bit of paper so that’s ok. It was a new one on me. We had a bit of a
laugh about that. Right coffee time. That coffee was really good, right I’m
awake now. So I was looking for Valencia Cathedral and I was sat right next to it! The thing is there’s so many beautiful old buildings here. So the Cathedral
is this large building here. Let me just try and show you and then we can go a little bit closer later on. So that is Valencia Cathedral, an amazing building. I was looking on Google Maps and the
photographs inside look amazing so hopefully we will get a chance to go in
there. But certainly when the lights better (we can take a photo). You can just see the tower. The lights just coming around we just need to wait for the Sun to come up. There’s a lovely tower here I think it’s a bell tower. Probably the one that woke me up at about at four o’clock this morning! Anyway it’s a really beautiful tower so I’m gonna do some photographs now. First I’ll put you on top of the camera. [Music] A courtyard, lets go and take a look. There’s some old photographs here. One of the biggest problems when you come to a new city and especially if it’s in a different country is finding out about the places that you you’re looking at. However
Google is good but this is great look. This is the tower we’ve just walked
underneath so this area here is the Plaza Redonda, designed in 1837 by the
municipal architect – Salvador Melchor Escrig as if it were a single building and was completed in 1848. The Plaza was deeply rooted in the commercial life of the city with areas for selling birds
and pottery it was a popular leisure place. In 1916 stalls for fishmongers were installed under a large and traditional wooden cover. Look at these pictures, this is great isn’t it. Look at all the pottery being sold. But this place interests me. It would be great to get up here and get an aerial view across the city. I was reading on Google that
I believe they had a terrible flood here. I don’t know whether that’s a photo, it certainly looks like a flooded area. Nice little coffee shop I’ll remember that one. There’s the bell tower again. You can just see it looks like it has cannons on the top. I might follow these tourists. They are obviously on
a guided tour. It might be a good way for me to look around. Because I have no idea where I am. They’re heading down this way. Looks like a market is setting up. It seems to be getting busy for a Sunday morning, I’m surprised. I was expecting there to be nobody around. Oh look, Paella and Sangria for only 8.50 euros. Thats a good price. When we arrived, the taxi driver actually came in this way. And I had no idea what this building was. It looks good. I see, it’s the Central Market okay. So this is the famous Central Market which I don’t think is open today. We wanted to go in and look around. It’s nice isn’t it. I like that. Let’s get a couple of photographs while I can. [Music] So I’m here and I’m trying to find a famous bull ring nearby. And I think it’s there. Which I think is that way. [Laugh] Let’s go and find out. [Telephone Ringing] [Telephone Ringing] [Telephone Ringing] It’s Tom. Hey, Tom! Yo, Tom! Tom, good of you to call. I’m doing fine thank you very much. How are you? Nice and busy? You’ve got another film coming out have you? Funny you say that, I’ve seen the trailer. Looks good. I’m surprised you made it. You’re getting a bit aren’t you? I know the knees, the back. I know. I would love to chat Tom but He always calls at the wrong
time. I’m just on YouTube. Yeah doing that vlog thing that I told you about.
yeah yeah yeah yeah. Great balls of fire! now there’s no need to be like that. You
get so touchy at times you know. What you’d like to be in an episode? Maybe I don’t know. I might be able to sort something out. Oh, you old maverick you. You sweet talker. Yeah, I know. I feel the need for speed as
well mate. Just like the rest of you. The wind running through my hair the
music playing I know, I know what it’s like mate. Have you still got that old
jacket? Looked pretty good on you back in the eighties mate. What you really want to be
in one of my vlogs? Well, you know. You’ll gonna have to Show Me The Money! Go on you do it. Go on, you’re so good at it. He loves it when I ask him to say it. Well, I tell you what. If you get yourself over here by tomorrow lunchtime you’ll be in the next
vlog. No problem. What do you mean? Say that again. What? Guido? Guido did you say? Who’s Guido? You’ve got a trig mid term midterm tomorrow and you’re being chased by a Guido the killer pimp. I don’t know what to say, Tom. I really don’t Haven’t you got anyone else you can call a favour from? Well, yes I have being going to the gym lately. But you know, the thing is I’m really busy with this YouTube stuff at the moment. If I’m honest with you Tom. I don’t want to let you down. Oh shut up, shut up. You had me at hello. Of course I’ll help Tom. For you mate I’ll do my best. Leave it with me, but
about appearing in my vlog I don’t know about it. I mean you can’t be disappointed really you got those rose bushes and the used car didn’t you? Listen Tom, Tom, Tom. You’re breaking up mate, you’re
breaking up. I know it’s the UK the signals terrible here. Yeah, ok I gotta go. You get your guys to call my guys and then my guys will call your guys and we’ll see if we can sort something out. Yeah, yeah, thats best mate. Good luck with Guido. All right then, yeah cheers. Bye for now. Yeah bye bye bye. [Sigh]


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    Scott Ramsey Photographer & Visual Content Creator

    Hope you enjoyed this weeks episode. Fancy some more photography inspiration? Visit my blog to see the images full screen and read more about why I decided to click the shutter 📷

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    robert slater

    Perfect way to start the week! Another super vlog episode 🙂 That Tom can be a persistent one can't he..I'm sure it wouldn't be a mission impossible to have him in one of your blogs 😉 Looking forward to the next episode.

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    Cheap Shot Podcast

    Super video Scott.
    What a brilliant location for photography. I Loved that dappled light and tree framing the light pink coloured building with the beautiful window at 11.52.

    Best wishes

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