Hello! Where am I? I’m at Heathrow Airport I’m going to 4 different countries Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary I’m going to Slovakia, that’s where my best friend, Lenka’s families live We’re on the Austrian airline, we will be at Austria when we arrive there We’re going with 8 people This is my very first holiday abroad with her We’re here to eat our breakfast, it’s half past 7 now We will be on the airport at 9o’clock We’re having a breakfast and a cup of tea, that’s exactly what I need right now I’m so excited, I feel like I’m off to travelling the world We’re going 4 different countries in a week This sounds good We will be flying to Austria and then drive Slovakia afterward We will be on a minibus to go all these different countries It would be interesting to seeing their cultures and to see what it’s like there I’ve woken up about 4am Is it 4am right? (to Lenka) Lenka: Yeah I woke up at 4o’clock and we’ve left home at 5am We got here really early I think you’ve been notice Lenka from my another video The Thumb Up Challenge and How Well Do We Know Each Other Challenge I’m so glad to have her back in my video again! It’s been a long time ago Finally, we got our breakfast here We have exactly the same breakfast The breakfast costs £10 right? Really expensive (To Lenka) Lenka: Well almost £11 Well nearly £11 It’s really small, better than nothing because we need to eat something We will go and have a quick look around in the shop At least we’ve got here at the airport It’s really hot here Family and friends I’m really excited! Lenka: Same here! We will be on the aeroplane about 2 hours? Lenka: 2 hours and 20 minutes We will be arriving at Austria then drive off to Slovakia only 1 hour that’s all Hello, when the flight attendant offer the tea See this? You do not need to pour milk into a tea You should do like Jagerbomb way Fail See? It’s very simple Sorry about fail at the end! Almost arriving at Austria! Can’t wait Everyone were asleep, they were must be so tired The weather is really rainy, very grumpy today Oh great, I came on the wrong time Woo finally we’ve arrive there! I don’t need to take the big luggage as i’m bringing a small luggage We’re in a car, we will be in Slovakia about 1 hour Lenka: Yep We’re walking around in the town, we want to see what is it like in Slovakia Looking good! I never seen an escalator like that before Very interesting! Hello! I’m sorry about a little bit dark in here because i’m in a car Still dark Never mind! We’ve been in the car for 5 hours from Slovakia to Czech Republic! I’m sorry that I don’t know how to sign ”Czech Republic” We’re on the toilet break, what I got for my lunch I want to know what does it taste of it The sausage is very different because of their culture But still taste good though Does the sausage taste different to you? Lenka: Yeah Ahh much better more light in here because we’re moving now Woo!! Nearly there at Czech Republic, only 1 hour that’s all! It’s hard to sleep, ups and downs because of the road is not that smooth It’s a lot of road bump, like this.. At last we’re at Czech Republic! It’s very cold here! We’re going to look and find somewhere to eat I’m really hungry, are you hungry? (To Lenka) Lenka: Yeah There are lot of bright colourful houses Unfortunately, here has the different money not Euro money But the good thing is, Lenka’s mum have some spare money because she has been here before That’s mean she will be paying to me then I own her back with Euro money so simple. Interesting foods Where am I? I’m at McDonald! I want to see what’s it like in McDonald I have no idea if it tastes the same or different I will have 6 CHICKEN MCNUGGETS, it is a must! I am a chicken nugget lover I have 6 chicken nuggets here I want to see if it tastes the same It taste the same really.. I thought all McDonald is different Lenka: Hello It’s annoying when I’m trying look up for view with camera but it gets dark.. Great! Wow, there are lot of people out there Looking good, it’s very warm here Very first time to have this Green Tea Matcha flavour It tastes not bad! I want to try different flavour I’m very exciting to have this ice cream bubblewrap because in Chinatown at London is a very long busier waiting I can’t wait to try this one! Finally, I got my ice cream! Ice cream bubble wrap I have vanilla, kiwi, oreo, strawberry, nutella and chocolate sauce Let’s see if its nice! It’s getting busy around here Everyone is watching me because I talking to the camera I don’t care about it, Im getting used it It’s very chilling here but the good thing is, theres have sun that’s why I’m wearing my sunglasses Makes me feel better now! I hate it because its always raining and very freezing But now it’s like half hot and cold Not too bad though Nice painting though Still walking around Good thing, I’m so happy what I have been bought, HARD ROCK! But unfortunately I haven’t tried to eat Hard Rock, I really want to try one day but I had no time Never mind, I’ve been bought a white t-shirt with Hard Rock logo My arm is so dead! Oh! I’m walking away from them, I couldn’t find them Oops, I walking too far I can’t find them haha I have to go back, go back Hi! I’m in here at Vietnamtown like Chinatown I’m really tired today, because a lot of walking around I feel like, I need to sit down for a minute I having a really good time I have a bad hair day today I really can’t wait to go to Hungary tomorrow! I think I’ve heard that we will go on the boat at night time They’re told me there are beautiful views at night So I will have a go at there tomorrow! This is my first time bought a blue fanta drink This tastes really beautiful!!

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