But first, is time to go to school 🙁 -I can’t walk. Hello, this are our friends! Hellooo. Me and Joana are in the same school. So, we already finished classes. And now we’re going to Joana’s house. And Mariana is going there. And Inês is going there. Yeah she’s a bear and I’m a pineapple. And yeah we’re going to eat cause we need to eat. I’m so awkward, it doesn’t work. Sorry, your smiling like Yeah we are just going to eat and then we’re going to prepare the bags cause I didn’t prepare, cause I’m so like And then we are going by car to my house in Algarve! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! MOM?! Mom! Mom! Hippo’s milk is pink. Did you knew? Really cool, right? Where’s Ju? Mariana is dressed as E-girl! 3 types of reactions: They look at us like Others: “Oh my gosh it’s really good.” Others: “But that’s how I dress everyday.” Lots of people asked us to take photos, at school. Cause we like, had a giant Creeper following us. That was Matilde. We are… at a service stop. In the bathroom! Wait, where am I? Oh wait. Is this a mirror? Ah I’m there! [Mariana]Grab my hair please. For me to drink water. [Inês]Do you want me to hold your hand too?! [Joana] Yeah she’s going to throw up. Ha, I’m in the mirror! Creepy. [Joana] Do Fortnite, do Fortnite. So we already arrived, they are inside. I’m talking low cause I’m embarassed even if there’s no one here. Like, literally… no one’s here. Inês you’re going to be the first to be kidnapped. [Leo]The prettiest is always the first one to go. Inês! She was gross! [Inês]But it was me who burped! [Mariana]Which? Which? Which? [Joana]Oh really? [Leo] Do you want this? [Inês] Is it hot? Yes! [Mariana] Is it very obvious that we are teens? [Mariana] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 6! 10 cents, we need to take it! I may not like it, it has a discount?! Let’s go! [Leo] Go! Hello, we didn’t talked with you for a long time. How have you feeling? Let’s say like, by order the things that we have been doing till now. Since me and Joana arrived at her house. We ate! [Mariana]Then I went there. Then Inês went there. [Joana] You were in classes. [Leo] Inês had classes until 2 pm cause she left earlier. We started the trip at 3:15 pm. Jeez! You’ve been counting the time? Just cause, your mom asked: “What time is it?” And I said “It’s 3:15 pm” We stoped at a place to drink water. And stretch our legs! And we filmed… a video! [Inês] That are this here! They are going to show up on Leo’s face! I talk like this to the vlog! [Inês] I don’t know, it makes you want to. It’s like talking to a baby, like Yeah, hello. [Joana] Oh, spoiler! Do you want to come too Mariana? Yeah! You’re going to fall! It’s me who’ll fall. And you too. I have the phone in my pocket. Carefull, carefull! We’re going to die! Right, left. Right, left. Right, left [Inês] I’m not coordinated! Right, left. Right, left Ah, we’re back! We stoped in Grândola. At ****. Suddenly it became night. It was 6 pm, it looked like 9. Basically, we all fell asleep except Leo. [Leo] Inês was the first! Joana was the second. And Mariana was the third. I just pretended. Leo] We took a photo of Inês sleeping! It’s here! Yeah the photo os Inês sleeping. It’s here! Then we arrived at Joana’s house. Oh yeah, the house is gorgeous. And you are going to see it in the covers that we are going to film. We went to buy dinner. And breakfast. We’re going to eat pizza! Tomorrow is a day for our recordings. And others practices. And on saturday we are going to the meet. And is going to show up now the meet. We are the suprise! Leo stop! And now we’re back! In the end of the meet I’m going to my house, in Algarve. And we stay the 3 together! [Mariana] Talking bad about Leo! See ya! [Mariana] Wait now like, cover it with your pineapple. It comes the camera! We already arrived at Joana’s house! And we are deciding if we sleep… on the bed!… or on the sofas! Hello. It’s 2:30 am. Today was basically a day to have classes, in the morning. And in the afternoon to come to Algarve. That is like.. We are from Lisbon. Lisbon and “South Riverside”(the area on the south of the river that crosses Lisbon). And it’s 4 hours of trip. More or less than 3, 4 hours of trip. So it was from 3 and something pm to 7 and something. Yeah we’re going to sleep and join those… things. So that’s all. Tomorrow we meet again. So… Good night~~ Follow us on instagram! [Bye^-^]

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