VLOG#4 | Last day in Romania | Christmas Market Timisoara | Trip to Poland| 4K | ENG SUBTITLES |

The weather is like in spring, that’s the best part. So hello again at my channel. It’s been while since I upload. I think now it’s good time to do it because im leaving Romania afer 2 years being here.
I will tell you later why. Today we gonna check out the christmas market in the city centre.
Im hangover because I was at party yesterday but maybe it will be ok. Ok so let’s go to the market, now we are not at the place.
Here is some carousel and icerink, then we gonna go to the market. I think the snow will not catch me this year in Romania. They made good job this year with all that stuff, it looks good. Here we have carousel, and another one Here it comes with some kids, actually I will ride it myself if I can. Here are some things to buy, like traditional stuff This is the first square, there are 3 in the city.
The christmas market I wanna go is on another one, Victory Square.
We will go then shortly. But before that we gonna check the icerink. Is it good for riding. It looks pretty cool, I would ride here mysefl Some fast foods here. It’s hard to take a good shot here, nevermind. Maybe when I ll be coming back. What’s here? Ice creams? No, it’s some sweets..and burgers? Strange..food truck looks like burger place but they have sweets inside. This dude is cool.. he’s singing here. I need to admit it looks good, the whole square is decorated and bunch of those stands. Here is the stage, yesterday there was some concert,
today im not sure but probably they will play here all the month. Oh man, the main artist is Rednex. Anyone even remember them?
They are the ones looking like cowboys, playing music, that’s crazy. It will be on 31st on New Year’s Eve. They choosed their star, funny. But nevermind. I always liked that Catherdal, it stands on some line throught the square.
It looks like it’s here but it’s on the other side of the street but looks very close from here. I ll be heading home, just go out for a moment. I need to pack my stuff. Tomorrow I have bus at 7 A.M.
I ll drive to Budapest, and from there there is direct flight to Poznan. After one hour I ll be at home, so it’s cool. I’m going to Poland for two weeks. Then we ll see.
I found a new job but it’s still not confirmed 100% so I will not tell you about it now.
It should be good and interesting. So one more time, goodbye Romania, take care. Maybe I ll come back someday. I need to take a shot of the icerink, I ll check from the other side. It looks good. I would skate but not today on hangover, don’t wanna broke something. Ok, so let’s go for a trip. Little stop at the station in Hungary, in one hour I ll be at the airport.
Then 2 hours of waiting, checkout and I’m going home. Ok I’m at the airport, in Budapest. There are so many people here. Ok, we just landed. Bye

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