We Saw a BLACK BEAR on Mount Washington + Visiting STRATHCONA Park | Vancouver Island Road Trip

We Saw a BLACK BEAR on Mount Washington + Visiting STRATHCONA Park | Vancouver Island Road Trip

well good morning guys morning good
morning we’ve woken up to a beautiful day these guys here on the mountain I
mean this is this is for me this is paradise some people think of paradises
like beaches for me it’s being out in the woods having mountains in the
background and just breathing in fresh air yeah
only the sounds of nature I would agree honestly it’s so beautiful
here like we arrived at Mount Washington late in the evening yesterday so we
couldn’t really enjoy it to its full extent yeah but today we’re spending the
whole day on the mountain so yeah we woke up early we’re gonna have some
breakfast then we have our family friend who’s gonna be driving up here so yeah
we’re gonna be hiking in and around Mount Washington and uh yeah it’s just
gonna be so fun and so basically our first full day here after a nice day of
rest can’t wait to check this out to well we’ve assembled with the whole
group so now we’re with the Joe and Joyce as well and we’ve driven over to
Strathcona Provincial Park we’re gonna do some hiking Joe had a specific trail
in mind which we should be able to tackle apparently it’s pretty easy it’s
gonna be about an hour and a half it leaves a lake roundtrip fairly flat I
believe so yeah I mean we’ve got a great day blue skies this is perfect for
hiking and being outdoors I’m already feeling fit worried that we’ll all be
wine tastes tasting and eating that we do in the videos if we’re going to be
able to finish this trek we’re out of shape these people that wishes have met our amazing
shape I mean once you see this video you’re going to agree with me well I
hope we can make it through and not be put to shame right welcome everyone to
Strathcona Park we’re here at Raven Lodge we’re going to go out to Helen
McKenzie Lake by some creeks and see some of the property that is wonderful
here for hiking especially at this time of year and then in the winter time it’s
excellent for snowshoeing and backcountry skiing so we’ve got a
perfect day for walking and yeah and have a grand time with friends let’s get
our popsicle sticks moving alright nice loop and we’re gonna be passing some
legs it’s gonna be amazing to give you a bit of information we went
hiking in Strathcona Provincial Park which is the largest provincial park on
the island and also the oldest in British Columbia having been established
in 1911 we tackled the Helen Mackenzie Trail which took us through meadows
across creeks and streams and into the forest it was an easy walk and we had
beautiful weather for it this is my kind of walk exactly nice and flat level
we’re surrounded by forests beautiful views of the mountains it’s just such a
nice sea to be out what do you think Sam I love it I love it it’s my kind of
weather it is Huckleberry time lots of bushes
here along the path so we’re stopping for a snack why eat sandwiches and
whatever else you buy yeah well we’ll have those at the lake but for now
nature snack nice nice and tight aren’t they what do you think Audrey Oh No Wow you
look like a proper Mountaineer there well we arrived at the lake
at long last we’re having a little break a little light lunch some wraps fruit
we’ve befriended the birds ya know those little birds we’ve been filming along
lately gosh here we can brought out our food and you just stick out your hand
and they come and land there’s one there just thinking about it they really know
about the tourists coming here and they’re feeding them and they’re having
a good time you know we made it to the lake look at this place mmm crystal
clear it’s a little bit cool yeah you just feel like diving in and if Togo
were here this would be his paradise yeah look at that look at this place
can you imagine log cabin on the side of the lake a couple of good dogs
wood-burning stove no more you need what else man in life I mean what the heck
are we doing in the cities this is what’s all about personally speaking to
me this is what it’s all about this is what life is all about I think we’re
gonna have a hard time pulling my dad away from the island this is my kind of
turf you know after completing the hike we returned
back to the apartment and had a quick rest then it was time for a little
afternoon outing to explore Mount Washington well guys we are going up the mountain
yes so we were going through trover looking for things to do for the
afternoon and I saw a picture of a ski lift yes in winter the whole mountain
covered in snow yeah and then as we were driving back to her place I noticed the
ski chairs like the ski lift was actually moving like it’s actually in
use you know it’s like the end of summer early autumn so we’re like it would be
really cool to go up and see the views so we’re visiting in early September and
the schedule at the moment is from we’re stopping for a minute and just bobbing
so can you wait hang hang on so the schedule is from Friday to Sunday I
can’t remember what time is dirt but I do know that the last one is at 5:30 in
the evening cuz those probably and let’s say it’s an afternoon activity yes we’ve
got about an hour and a half atop the mountain to like enjoy the views
apparently there’s bears they were telling us they’ve seen bears from one
of the towers oh yeah there’s yeah so I guess in the offseason when there’s no
skiing there are a couple little hikes you can do and a couple observation
decks over and we’ve seen people mountain biking yeah like they ride the
lift up and then come down on their bikes which is another option yes and
ziplining ziplining to the ziplining mountain braking so it’s an outdoor
adventure paradise basically and a beautiful day to be going up I don’t
love this so the chairlift did eventually start moving after what felt
like an eternity and shortly thereafter we were distracted by our first wildlife
encounter a black bear walking across a flowery meadow right under our feet oh
the Bears right there he had a marvelous magical encounter as
we were coming up with ski lifts tell us what have you been wanting to see for
such a long time oh I finally have after 50 years in Canada I get to see my first
bear cub he’s a baby bear I mean we decided to come up the lift on the
mountain yeah and we got lost we’re trying to see where which way how do we
get here and as we are coming up I’m going in the chair with a samuel’s dad
with George yeah and about five or six chairs behind this Audrey and Sam we’re
coming up and right in front of us in the open we see this cub this bear cub
crossing you know the the area with no trees and I’m screaming back and you
know this one was waiting for us to film for these videos because one half a
minute before or half a minute later and we’ve not have seen him yeah
he was walking towards the edge of the forest he was eating berries not like
that blueberries and stuff like that you know and the the little guy was just
like in his own world he was not even aware that we were up there yeah filming
you know but for me just that made this trip worthwhile 100 what an experience now we
need to see a maybe a cougar you know I was thinking maybe we had to
see a deer or maybe an elk or something like that but a black bear I always
thought mmm it’s kind of iffy yeah yeah and this morning we were hiking and they
told us all there is a bear around they’ve seen a bear and we were looking
and looking and trying to locate that animal and it was gone yeah so there you
have it we got it on camera yeah black bear Canadian black bear Mount Washington is best known as a ski
destination since the snow here is often deeper than anywhere else in British
Columbia but it was so pretty cool getting to experience it in the summer
time we had mountain views in every direction and we were even able to spy
the lake we had hide to that very morning and that’s it for today’s video and the
next episode Sam returns to his hometown of Gold River and we take a boat trip
aboard the Uchuk III so we’ll see you soon with that adventure


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    Beyond Your Doorstep

    100% agree about the woods and mountains being paradise. I always feel so free when I'm surrounded by mountains and breathing the fresh air!

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    Daniel Dinenno

    Hi my canadian friends…..el único osito que conozco es el de peluche….!!!!jajaja….pedile a Samuel uno de regalo….te lo mereces….Saludos chicos y disfruten de l a naturaleza….!!!

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    Freedom Strider

    Ah those birds coming to land on your hand- never had that happen before (unless you count being attacked by pigeons in London…)

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    You guys are getting the BEST Canadian nature shots, I might even make some of those my wallpaper (:🌿🏔🌲🇨🇦👌

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    To bad you can't hop the ferry to Powell River from Comox and explore our little even beautifuler part of BC.. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD2Zx5-gb9A&t=109s

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    Warren Geoffrey Opheim

    Really enjoying this! Will you be featuring the Comox Valley at all? This local can help you find some of the best scenic locations.

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    Yoli Gonzalez

    How amazing seeing the black bear cub out in the wild…..and the lake and the birds feeding out of one's hand. This was an exceptionally beautiful video. You guys are doing an awesome job of showing us nature's beauty.

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    Robert Anthony

    Beautiful scenes and good that it was little birds eating out of your hand and not the black bear cub coming for a taste..bear cubs= Big Bears lol.. thanks for the wonderful video

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    Sean Deir

    You are from Gold River Sam I work up there in a mine its crazy on how small of a world it is thanks again for all the videos

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    Maike Vogt-Lueerssen

    Did I understand it correctly, you were on Vancouver Island in September? Would you recommend to make the trip at that time? And a big hug to both of your fathers. They are amazing!!!

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    Donna Richey

    Funny when I saw you saw a bear in Mt. Washington, because Pittsburgh in the city over looking pgh, there is an outlook over the river and its called Mt. Washington.

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    Hahaha love how excited ur dad was about the bear! I would be too! I’ve been hiking all over WA state and haven’t ever seen one

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    Peter Kelly

    You're Dad is a blast … I have only known a few Argentinians in Oz but they are all the same , they love life and have a great appreciation of the outdoors. They also love their wine and their meat ! Hope he lives forever Audrey … Enjoy

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    Maria Etelvina Cingolani

    Muy hermoso!!! Qué lindos paisajes: Bosques, lagos,osos, pájaros un paseo inolvidable . Gracias por hacernos conocer la Isla de Vancouver. Un abrazo desde Villa Ballester.

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    Karin S

    So glad you’re enjoying the Island. I moved to Qualicum, on the Island, a year ago from Vancouver. Best move I ever made. Tell your dad we have tons of dear here!

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    clau loud


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    Norma Rodriguez

    Que belleza de paisajes, muy típico de Canadá.me encantó ver al oso negro, es lindo y más chico que las otras especies de osos.

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    Effie Colida

    Sam and Audrey what a beautiful and well created video ………..Both you dads are adorable love watching them………….Keep them coming and I will watch from Vietnam for now

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