WHAT IS WANDERLUST ? Reasons I love to travel and Why you should travel too!

You can never get bored In a world as beautiful as this Oceans Mountains Ancient civilizations Everything Mother Earth has to offer us Everything humans created Wanderlust a strong desire to travel and explore the world I’ve been bitten by the travel bug I dream about faraway places Love to make plans The journey shapes me Experiences, no one can take away from me Travel reminds me. I don’t know everything It opens up my mind “30 meters, you want to go out or go more” It opens up my eyes Experiencing a different culture trying new foods Getting out of my comfort zone Enjoying the small things a bird A flower A nice bed a good meal The kindness of people Sometimes it’s challenging Sometimes relaxing To travel is like reading a book The front cover gets your attention The table of contents inspires you You decide to give it a try The end of a chapter makes you want to continue Every page turn Was another adventure You see the characters grow You don’t want it to end When you finish the book You reflect on it It’s like getting home with a new outlook on life Wanderlust a strong desire to travel and explore the world Never stop exploring

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