What you get with 1.7 Crore Degree? UC Berkeley Journey

What you get with 1.7 Crore Degree? UC Berkeley Journey

No one spoon feeds you here. You have to fight for what you deserve and ask for it from Georgia State University Atlanta I
am Jane I go to the University of California Berkeley I’m from India Liv
was born in Chennai raised in gen9 lived Universities you got accepted when you were in your Grade 12? Don’t remember exactly. I had a lot of rejections too. Biggest one was Carnegie Mellon pepper for business (deferred admission)
school but you know at the time boosts me it was the only small business
building a very very CS in stem heavy campus so I didn’t think that it was the
best place for a business major to go otherwise the other acceptances were at
other UC so like you see you know UC San Diego things like that a school that I
was considering strongly use a small College in Boston called Babson College
it’s a it’s a school that’s known for entrepreneurship that’s the family I
come from a family of business people so I thought that maybe if I go and you
know study and start a business in the u.s. it might be beneficial for me too
expensive them so I think in terms of affordability what is actually cheaper
than that and all in all actually are the options I had were more in the UK so
things like you see LLC or Warwick things like that was considering the UK
but I was not entirely sure about what I wanted to study altogether so I wanted
the flexibility so I came why you chose UC Berkeley over other competitive
schools like Georgia Tech or other affordable schools as well sure so I
think that’s a two part answer one is to do with the competitiveness and the
other is to do with the tuition fees I think at the time when I was picking
between universities my main prior you know coming as an international student
there’s not too much research that I had information about my parents didn’t go
to college so I didn’t really have anyone in the family to you know take
advice from already know where to go so in terms of my own personal research
what I understood is I wanted to go to a university that had high research value
as well as one that has like a high quality of academics because you know
going all the way to the u.s. you need that so I think that UC Berkeley ranks
very highly in that at the time when I had to pick between universities most of
the schools that I was accepted to were very stem heavy or very business so they
were not really balanced so in terms of the other schools like Carnegie Mellon
like other smaller colleges other UC Berkeley stood out to be the best
balance between studying you know feels inside stem and outside is terms of
social sciences as well and I think your second answer for affordability I think
at first I think for international students at the time I thought that the
range is very similar in general and I think from the other schools that I was
accepted to they were other for a private school so this was a public
school so there was marginally cheaper but I didn’t choose to apply to another
school you know that was a little cheaper really know like what the
benefits and differences at the time so you’re a stem major right now and you’re
doing business along with stem so it is So you balances as you have to be STEM major to get OPT for 3 years instead of 1 So that you face less problem later. Sure you can say like that. But it is more about interest as well You didn’t get into Harvard. I didn’t apply at all. My profile wasn’t that good want me to be completely honest Mira
profile in terms of numbers numerically was not the strongest so I had to really
play my cards right in terms of how I tailor my application accordingly so a
lot of schools like Berkeley etc we’re definitely on the higher side or the
read side of my statistics at the time just because I had no preparation or any
guidance I’m like what I have to do to apply to college and things like that so
whatever I figured out I did so that’s why at the time my grades and you know
just the just the profile that I had all together as a as an archetype student
for our Harvard you know Stanford it didn’t match those criteria I was in the
State so I needed I needed more growth to be able to apply to the school so I
did apply so what steps do you take to manipulate your application to be
happening but that score is it me hi any As you said you scores weren’t that high. so you must have manipulated in
terms of extracurricular to Can you share everything you remember before you came for Undergrad? manipulation man you wouldn’t permit
application it was more in an enhancement q ki a Aki Aki Borisovich
Yamaguchi kahani what a sector of A lot of times you can tell a better story which shows what type of person you are In what ways your academics and other extracurriculars are balanced out I added things like Research, Extracurriculars and my passion into my College Essays important aspect I think it really makes
or breaks your application geeky grades Everyone can get a better grade but you can’t put a filter on your essay or profile. S In general my school had strong Extracurriculars probably why my Academics weren’t. Cricket to sports stuff like that student leadership things like that I
was more and go out then and yeah I think that’s probably why they notice
that you know like that was more on the all-round student kind of things rather
than academically strong and I think I agree to that even today definitely
improved a lot academically but still would not like to think of myself as an
academic sense so before we proceed I really want to share if you have any
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out so now the big question why you chose a university where you had to pay
around $60,000 a year as compared to like Georgia Tech which
is very competitive and where you have to pay basically $40,000 a year and
there are a lot of good universities where you have to be like even less than
that those cannot get on the mainly
difference budget there to corrode versus like one could or 1.5 corrode for
the four-year and the grad degree basically a lot of reasons why you choose a particular university: Brand value, location, rankings etc.everyone knows this Biggest reason that I got to know after coming to Berkeley is yeah okay the size of the university is
so big or you have a talent is even bigger in terms of competitiveness. They don’t spoon feed you. You have to ask for you what you deserve otherwise you fail A lot of opportunities are here but you have to grab them and create more You have to work hard for it. No one tells you what classes to take etc. Competitive factor can make you stressful but it motivated me to work even harder and make a stronger person you in the deep end with college life
scenario really prepares you for the real world and I think that Berkeley is
doing exactly that for me and I’m sure that you know other cheaper universities
can do that as well at the time I had imperfect information
about all of this so you know coming back in terms of recommendations
Berkeley’s been the greatest experience for me but you know provided a student
wants to decide on whether they want to pick the university that they have to
pay more for but also really hard to get whatever they want
even after they go there and see that in-state students pay barely anything
and they have to feel you know fight the same fight I think that’s a fair
argument as to not typically as you know that’s that’s hard and I think that’s
fair enough but I think that if you have more information on like other schools I
guess tier two schools where you can you know make your mark I think that’s fine
but I think that there is a big trade-off there because sure you have to
fight really hard from Berkeley but I think as students we don’t realize the
value just yet because you know things like the job market are so hard and
things like that you know just get getting opportunities in ins in general
hard but I think that in the long run the value that were clearance in a
Berkeley education brings is really really like it’s it’s unparalleled and
there is definitely something there and When you go back to India you see that your degree is super duper valuable is about or education Malea be behind
gotta I think for someone who is a little more minded about just the cost
behind an education from a very financial sense then it makes sense for
them to probably start off somewhere else and then do a master’s program or
something like that if that’s what their objectives are if someone who wants to
work in the u.s. or something like that you know that people can have different
objectives so I think cost is only one of the factors that play into it and I
don’t think that that should be a deciding factor when it comes to like
taking an experience for yourself and I think Berkeley is unparalleled on that
it’s it’s an amazing experience and now what about the career opportunities of
complicity so my advantage of the as you are closer to Silicon valley. Is it easy to find jobs or equally difficult much kalo in terms of say anyway exit
right easily I think in general a bus You have much more awareness about the companies here. Supply and the pool is much better and bigger just the pool and the supply that you
can see is a lot more in general and apart from that Berkeley is a target
school for recruiting for most companies if not all of them so in terms of
struggles for even like trying to be a student coming out of a different
University trying to get a job at a company that they don’t typically hire
from we don’t face that problem I think we every
that company hires in Berkeley and maybe there’s a high concentration of working
people there in chambers so our reputation is very well
established in most of these companies altogether in the valley I think other
industries that are more heavy on the East Coast maybe in the finance industry
and things like that it can be little harder for Berkeley students so I know
that as a business student that finance jobs are a little harder to come by they
don’t hire in packs and facts like they do from East Coast universities but in
terms of stem it’s the place to be really any job you want wherever you
want you will probably have guaranteed get that interview so you just have to
make sure that you’re above average in Berkeley and you make sure that you get
whatever you want you know I got a chance to work in from
top tech companies and you know consulting phones things like that so I
think it’s definitely it definitely is a big advantage to be mobile some people
even it’s like Oh Berkeley education mind blowing. My final question Lets say a student is choosing between spending $40k at Gatech vs $60k at UC berkeley. how should he decide. Both are equally competitive so super hard to compare when you’re considering 40,000 versus a
60,000 price point you have to know how much hard work you have to put in to reach your goals going there and making sure that you get
the you achieve the goals that you want from that University so be it a career
option be at research be it you know just learning things like that or up. Also considering any sports you are planning to play think there’s different objectives
people come into college you’re so aware If you are aware of those things then you can easily decide it there so for example career
opportunities is your main thing you have to see whether that incremental
$20,000 a year will make any difference or not If you think spending $20k less today will lead to much better pay back then in the end better you know like payoff in the end
if you think yes then great but that’s great but still contingent on the amount of hard work you put in Ultimately you can go to any university. You know that after coming to US a level of opportunity increases anyway. Still you are on the plain field in terms of hard work so I think in terms of really deciding
applique objectives how you can really optimize for whatever factors you like
so for example of learning kill erm so I think both universities are perfectly
fine and if you think that a cheaper price price tag is better for you then
go for it if you’re able to score a scholarship
wherever you can then try to go to the better school the more expensive school
so that you can you know get that get that level of experience if you want
global value low you know like people don’t say it enough and you know maybe
they don’t admit it as much as their life but brand value is important or RPG
you know other university ranking a reputation it does matter
I think it matters a lot more later on in your life and it does now maybe for
now you know you’re in school and everyone’s the same so it doesn’t seem
like you know it’s a great things like 30,000 go what we hang out it’s like no
big deal but you’re only thirty thousand of like the 7 billion people in the
world so you know it’s just it’s just a different thing so if that’s something
that’s important to you then paying at higher price tag is fine and you know if
by God’s grace if you are you know if you can afford that education then you
feel free to use it you know and I think it’s a conversation you have with your
parents as to what are those trade you know those trade offs the Union
some people have family in other states that is closer for them so let’s say
that you know you have an uncle or something in your in Atlanta versus you
have someone in the valley um you’re gonna choose them you’re gonna make
those choices really really looking at it from a pricetag perspective is a very
like close-minded I guess conversation and I think it makes it very difficult
for you to take a goal there correct so in short conclusion if you are going to a better school with $60k fees then you have to do the hardwork at that level as well. No one is going to spoon feed you If you go to a school like Georgia State University where you spend $20k and reach Google then comparison overs at that point this is the case for public schools
moving up the public schools including UCB, Gatech, GSU. Volume of students is higher so we have to work harder But for private schools all are paying the same. e.g. if you go to Stanford you know that you will definitely get opportunities there getting those opportunities larger
school high price tag lower probability so now it’s up to you
okay thank you so much first for your valuable information


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