Why Aren’t You a Travel Agent | Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Why Aren’t You a Travel Agent | Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Why Aren’t You a Travel Agent? what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I am back once again and then today I want to talk about are you leaving
money on the table are you doing travel agent stuff without getting paid you do
not want to miss these tips we’ll be right back all right welcome back
it is 2019 January the second and today I’m going to talk about are you doing
everything as a travel agent but not getting paid so I know most of you all
out there are already doing stuff you’re already going on trips that’s something
that we all do as human beings anyway we will go on trips we book vacations and a
lot of us are looking for friends and family anyway some of us are looked up
to as the go-to person in the family to you know put vacation packages together
book cruises and everything and you’re already doing the research you know
you’re doing stuff for your family and everything situated and getting them
booked and everything however are you getting paid for that you know a lot of
people are doing that filing family deals and everything like that but
you’re not getting a commission out of it so what if you can do the same things
that you’re already doing going on trips and booking trips and get paid for okay
not only get paid for booking your family trips and vacations but get a
commission from your own vacation so I want to talk to you guys today about
starting your own travel agency business why not
you’re doing the same thing any way that you’re currently doing now but you’re
just not getting the Commission okay so you’re probably wondering okay I need to
become a travel agent because am I Why Aren’t You a Travel Agent? already doing this stuff but I don’t
know how okay and today I want to share with you how you can get started into
the travel industry because I know a lot of people that’s doing it doing the work
but just don’t know how to get started so here’s my number one tip that I want
you to take away from this video get with a host
travel agency now I know you’ve probably been looking around trying to figure out
how to get started how to get certified as a travel agent I’m gonna save you
some time I give you a little shortcut now the reason why I say partner their
host Travel Agency is because you can leverage that and become certified and
me and you can get a commission built into
all your efforts okay everything you need you don’t have to worry about
trying to find resources trying to build websites booking engines and trying to
find suppliers you can have all this at your fingertips just by partnering with
a host agency okay now the host agency that I’m a part of
like I said I was doing the same thing booking stuff going on vacations and
everything that like why not monetize my passion I’m passionate about travel so
why not monetize and today I want to show you exactly how you can do that
okay so as soon as I got involved his host agency
I started immediately and the same day I became certified I was immediately able
to book vacations for friends and family and anybody across the globe and get a
commission for because I share that certification through the hosts travel
agency okay it’s that simple okay now training okay you’re not gonna know
everything but the travel industry starting out that’s okay but it’s good
to earn while you learn you could be making money while you learn and be able
it be a travel professional okay you don’t have to know everything you don’t
have to have a lot of experience you matter of fact you don’t have to have
any experience getting started only thing you need to know is what direction
to go in and what host agency to join so if you watch this video by clicking the
link below this video and if you are doing these things as a travel agent and
not getting paid watch that presentation and partner with this host travel agency
you can get started as a travel agent agent quickly and start getting paid for
some of your efforts that you’re already doing anyway
okay so stop wandering stop trying for all the pieces of the puzzle together
together I’m here to save you okay watch that presentation learn how
you can build travel income by doing something you’re already doing as well
as leverage a organization that’s doing the same thing so you can not only be
becoming travel agent but you can leverage your income by building a
travel team so I want to put that on your mind so stop spinning your wheels
watch this presentation I’m pointing you in the right direction Why Aren’t You a Travel Agent?

all right so click the link below feel free to watch it if you find value from
this video leave a thumbs up subscribe and leave it comment if you have any
concerns alright Larry Porter Sante golf and I will see you in the next video
with majestic travel alright happy travel


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