Xplor Park Review- Cancun Excursion

Xplor Park Review- Cancun Excursion

– [Man] Hey, everyone. This is a review of the Xplor
Park near Cancun in Mexico. My wife and I absolutely loved our visit. It was so much fun, and it was the highlight of our vacation, so I put together this video
to show you what you can expect and also give you some tips, so you get the most out of your visit. The best and the cheapest
way to buy your ticket is to do it directly through
the Xplor website. If you book your tickets in advance, they’ll actually give you up to 15% off. So I’ll put the link and all the details in the description of this video. All of the activities that
you can do in Xplor start from the central hub called the Corazon, so it’s easy to navigate,
and you won’t get lost. Plus, they have signs
that show the wait times for the different activities. That way, you don’t have to wait in line, just pick whichever activity
has the shortest wait times. The first activity that we did
was the Amphibious Vehicles. You get inside these all-terrain vehicles and you drive through paths, into puddles, you drive on top of bridges or into caves, and it’s a lot of fun. I would say that this was
probably my favorite activity. (upbeat music) Oh, it’s so cool down here. (upbeat music) Oh, turn on your lights. All right, here we go. The next thing that we did
was the underground rafts. Here, you just sit on a raft, and you tie paddles to your hand, and you just basically
paddle around the caves. They have single or two-person
rafts that you can use. I’m sorry for the bad video quality. It’s really dark in the caves, which makes it difficult for
the GoPro to capture video, which is actually one of the reasons why I recommend you get the photo package. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Are you okay? – [Man] Huh? – [Woman] Are you okay? – [Man] Yeah. All right, in a bit. Then we did the cave river swimming, where you’re in the caves
again, and this time, you’re just swimming
around at your own pace, exploring the caves. They do give you a life jacket, so you don’t need to know how to swim. Plus, the water’s calm,
so it’s really easy to just swim around at your own pace. And at the end of this trail, there’s a really cool
360-degree waterfall, which you’ll see in a minute. (water hisses) The last thing that we
did was the zip lines. There are two different circuits,
and we did both of them. On some of the zip lines,
you can go with a partner. Otherwise, you can go by yourself. And on some of the lines, you do get wet. There’s a water landing. And one of them even
has a water slide down, which was a lot of fun. I actually picked up a lot of speed. So I really wish I
could do that one again. (woman screams) That’s it for the activities. Now, like I said, if you
are thinking of visiting, the best and the cheapest way
to buy your tickets is online from the official Xplor website. Again, I’ll put the
link in the description of this video, down below. But if you are looking to
visit, just make sure you book as soon as possible, because
the earlier you book, the more you’ll save, up to 15%. When you’re booking your tickets, you can also add the photo package, which I strongly recommend. I think it’s worth it,
because there are shots that you can’t take
yourself, and it’s also good for the darker areas like the caves, because as you saw, my GoPro
or your phone might not be able to take a good enough picture
or photo, so it’s nice to be able to get the
pictures from the cameras. Photos are all really good quality. You get unlimited photos, and you get to download them online. And if you add the photo package when you’re buying your tickets, then the photo package
will also be discounted if you’re booking early. They also have a transportation option that you can add when
you’re buying your tickets. With this, they’ll pick
you up and drop you off at your hotel and resort, which
is great if you’re staying in Cancun, Riviera Maya
or Playa del Carmen, because it’s an easy and cheap way to get to the park and back, and like before, if you add this transportation option while you’re buying your tickets, it gets included in the discount
if you book early online. And just some other
things you should know, if you’re going to bring
sunblock or bug spray, they do have to be eco-friendly. If they’re not, the park
staff are gonna take it away from you and give it back
at the end of the day. But I don’t think it’s
necessary to bring those things, because there’s a lot of
caves and trees around, so you’re in the shade a
lot, and also, when we went, we didn’t really see
any bugs or mosquitoes. So I don’t think you
need it, but if you do, the park does sell eco-friendly
bug spray and sunscreen. You will get wet, so make
sure you bring a towel and water shoes. They give you a small
locker and change rooms. For food, there’s a big
buffet that has Mexican food, barbecue, burgers, pasta,
everything like that. And there is no alcohol, but
there is unlimited free drinks, like coffee, hot chocolate and juice. You can also visit the part at night, where they light up
certain parts of the park with fire or torches. That’s called Xplor Fuego. We are planning to come back. So the next time we visit,
we’re gonna go to Xplor Fuego and see how the park is at the nighttime. That’s it for the review. Thank you so much for watching. We absolutely loved Xplor. It was a lot of fun. The staff was really friendly. And like I said earlier,
it was a great memory, and it was the highlight of our vacation. So if you’re thinking of going, I absolutely recommend it. (upbeat music)


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    Quintin Johnson

    Thank you, I have seen hundreds of videos before traveling. This has to be the most informative videos I've ever seen. It was very detailed, straight to the point, and fun at the same time. I will be booking today for my trip next week. Great vid!

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    velia garcia

    Omg, beautiful, we are going LAX Wednesday oct 25th 2017, i cant wait to visit this park 1,000 thanks for this info.

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    FLHT 2000

    Hey sina92, thanks for the review, are these activities you could fit into one day? We are visiting Cancun in about six weeks, and wanting to take a day to do this.

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    Abraham Botello

    I’m going in May and staying at Hotel Xcaret, I have a question, how much is the photo package?

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    Corey Champion

    Hi I really enjoyed your video!!! I was wondering what kinda mounts you used to film with your GoPro?

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    Natali Ma

    Was there in Feb 2017-amazing experience.Worth every penny you pay. All caves, stalactites, rain-clean water are real. Sunscreen: will be taken from you at the entrance if it doesn't say "biodegradable" (else how you preserve all this beauty?). Haven't seen HAMMOCK SPLASH ride back then, so if you go -go on it. Lots of zip lines plus one slide and one line ends in a water. Wear swimsuit and water shoes-everything else must stay in a locker. Your helmet has a tracking chip-if you pay for photo package, chip will track places you visit and take pictures in each of them. Buffet is fantastic-i would go back just to eat there. Highly Recommend.

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    Ludwig Lemus

    Loved the video! I will def check this out when I'm in cancun in oct, 1 question for you. What hotel did you stay at? I'm trying to get a hotel that's near most activities what do you recommend?

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    Jessica y Miguel

    Price for two? And what month of the year is best to vacation there for a full weekend? Thank you

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    Daniel Gremillion

    During the cave swim, I highly recommend you use water shoes, if you drag your feet too close to the rocks, they’ll scrap you, and the rocks are pretty sharp. I got a pretty nasty deep cut and it kind of ruined the rest of the park for me.

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    Sean Thiele

    I was there 9/1/18. I had so much fun. I want to go back asap. It was the best time I have ever had. I did everything this video showed.

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    april suarez

    Yay finally a good review of Xplor thank you so much I been looking for a review on this place and what’s its all about

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    Al TAO

    Thank you for the great informative video, I am going soon with my two kids 6 and 8 do you think it’s kids friendly, if yes can we fit family of four on that small car for a ride?! Please let me know

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    Teslandia A.

    I just got back from this place yesterday , May 27 i love it , iam going back . And XCARET its a beauty too.😍😃its ur an adventures person go do it .U will love it.

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